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    Salmon River (Clackamas County)

    I'm pretty sure it's closed to all fishing now, but when it's open there is some decent trout/whitefish and it does have salmon but you can't fish for them
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    Fly Fishing Addicts group

    I recently started up a group called Fly Fishing far it has been successful and informative. Check it out in the groups section of the forum..There are a few people so far sharing reports and I hope it continues to grow..Check it out!
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    South Yamhill?

    I'm gonna go check out the South Yamhill tomorrow..sent a few PM's but haven't received many responses. Anybody know some good access points/flies to use? Is it a decent river? Thanks! Hopefully I get a few responses soon as I'm heading out tomorrow morning
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    Metolius report

    I haven't been on here in forever...I almost exclusively c&r fly fish now and this forum is more bait fishing centered, but thought I'd pop in to give a report from the Metolius! My friend Brett and I headed down to the Metolius from Friday-Sunday this past weekend. Camped the first night (bad...
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    McIver Park (Clackamas River)

    Ya kinda sucks when you try to get there early and there are other guys there..But I'm sure they wish you weren't fishing there either..part of fishing
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    Climate change

    Interesting chart. Looks like quite a few people listen to the liberal mainstream media, don't do any research for themselves. (And yes, the NYT is quite liberal.) Good sarcasm though.
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    Found sunglasses on Clack

    Ray bans
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    Yeah, but either way I've never had much success fishing for summers on the Deschutes in January...latest month I've hooked em is December
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    Not exactly sure why there isn't a winter run but the Columbia doesn't get many winters and that is what it's a trib to. As far as keeping them, we are in January and you're talking about keeping summer steelhead...any steelhead in there will taste like dirt at this point
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    Be safe!

    Be safe today/this week...snow/ice storm affecting much of the Willy Valley, Columbia Gorge, Eastern Oregon, Coast Range, etc..snowing in most areas now but will probably switch over to freezing rain at about 4 PM, snow accumulations of 2-4" in Portland with ice on top! Fun, but your drive to a...
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    Tad bit nippy!

    Headed to some small streams over near Salem...fished in 20 degree weather, guides kept freezing up and stuff lol! Top of the hill near the creek I fished was about 1.5k feet and there was at least a foot of snow up there, and then no snow down at 500' elevation where I fished.
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    Deschutes doesn't get a winter steelhead run...the summer steelhead run is pretty much over (it peaks in Maupin around October) but I've hooked some in late December before, if you're planning on keeping them that's not gonna happen but they're in there. Oh, and they love trout flies...stonefly...
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    I have a gauge for camping times.....what's yours

    Get up before sunrise, fish for a couple of hours. Make breakfast. Fish until mid-afternoon, then make lunch. Fish until dark then make dinner. Sleep. Repeat.
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    Dead blob

    Yeah, true lol I just hear everyone complaining about the El Nino being some tragic, and it's not even making our winter warmer like a bunch of people think, had a cold snap on Thanksgiving and we'll probably have another one from the 25th-27th.
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    Dead blob

    We can get storms just as large with La Nina winters..