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    Denied! ramp closures on the Willamette

    Thanks for posting this! I was thinking of trying to launch from Roger's Landing, but guess not. You just saved me $50 on a fishing license. I already decided not to fish for salmon this year, but was thinking of bass fishing. Not gonna waste the $$$. I can see Kate Brown closing fishing...
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    NuCanoe Frontier 12 is toast

    After 81 trips and 5 years, my NuCanoe sot kayak is full of cracks and takes on too much water. I can't patch it up with plastic welds anymore. It lived a short life, but I trolled over 1,000 miles with it using a Suzuki 2.5 hp outboard motor, pushing it around at 6 mph. That created so much...
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    Father's Day on the Upper Willy

    Quick report: Launched at Roger's Landing at sunrise. Moss everywhere...spent half the time pulling moss off lures. Landed a total of 4 smallies (12 inchers) by 10:30am, then got off the water as the Father's Day recreation boat crowd arrived. All fish caught trolling hard bodied...
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    Fish arch = fish on!

    The streak continues. Wednesdays must be magic this spring. Pardon the terrible picture, but this king fought so hard and wore me out that I was not much in the mood for photos. But I did want to get a quick snapshot of the green Toman Thumper that he swallowed so deep. The water temp is 57F...
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    Fish arch = fish on!

    I got up this morning at the usual 4:30 am and almost called the fishing trip off because I was so sleepy...but... On the drive from Tigard to the Lower Willamette it was raining the whole way, but it wasn't a downpour so I wasn't too discouraged. When I got to the boat ramp just before...
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    Fish arch = fish on!

    On Wednesday, I managed to bag my second springer for 2016 on the lower Willamette. The weather forecast was for a thunderstorm in the afternoon, so I felt good about the trip before I ever left. I started trolling whole herring right a dawn, and I observed a long-time fisherman I've seen...
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    What to do with pike minnows

    i just released one friday while bassing the willy. You always know when it's a pike minnow before you even see it at the surface...hard slam on the take like a big fish...ten seconds of fighting...then you reel in a gasping fish that seems half dead. I can't imagine such a weak fish would...
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    Multnomah Channel walleyes, 3 July 2015

    Great fish tale, Bass. Way to stick with the new technique until you found success. That dropper rig is the same for salmon, just switch the worm out with a herring and troll away. --GJWI
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    My dragon.

    Cha-Ching! Very nice fish. :worthy:
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    Siuslaw sleigh ride...

    That is exactly how I fish my green label herring, too: no flasher, whole. I stick half a toothpick in them to bend the head so they spin. Nice job on taking down a fish on the yak!
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    Silvers are moving in...

    Thanks, Dr. T. Have you fished for winter steel in the bay in November/December/January? I've been warned of the crowds there in winter. Even right now on the weekdays there are probably 80 boats from the town of Nehalem to the jaws. I've made 4 trips on weekdays only this summer, and its...
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    Silvers are moving in...

    I launched from Nehalem Bay State Park and fished the lower Bay area all the way to jetty fishery (where there is another launch ramp). I wanted to get closer to the jaws, but it was windy and I just didn't want to chance it in a kayak, even on the incomming tide. I doubt I'll ever fish the...
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    Silvers are moving in...

    5 hours of trolling from sunrise with nothing... lots of bored fishermen drifting by in their boats... then BAM! Coho started feeding heavily in the bay. I landed two, (one wild, one keeper), in the span of 30 minutes, and 3 or 4 other boats around me hooked into silvers as well...the bite was...
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    Mohawk for RogerDodger?

    Ha! That is hilarious. I've had back to back zero fish trips in Nehalem Bay, so maybe I'll break out some chartreuse hair paint and brass earrings. Then, if I douse myself with a fish-romantic body spray of WD-40, maybe the kings will love me again.
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    Nehalem Bay 8/8/14

    Oh, wow. I think you're right. I just looked at a bunch of sea run cutthroat images and that's exactly what it looked like. Thanks for the identification!