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Olalla Reservoir or bust!

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  • Olalla Reservoir or bust!

    I'm heading to Olalla Reservoir tomorrow morning (Saturday, 5/21). If the fishing stinks there, I'll likely then try Big Creek Reservoir #2 (the upper reservoir). I'll be the dude in the OSU baseball cap w/ an orange bill. And I'll be using 2 rods. So, if any of you see me...feel free to say hello...I'd be happy to meet you.

    I'll file a report when I get back.

    Tight lines to all who will be trying their luck tomorrow (and Sunday)!


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    good luck. i should be out there in the next few weeks to target some bass aswell as some nice trout. looking forward to your report jay.
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      Good luck Troutdude!!!! Hope you have a good day on the lake!!!


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        Good luck!!!! I will be going out Sunday to a river somewhere.......


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          Well, I got up @ 2:20 a.m. this morning. Wasn't planning on that, but that's when my brain said "you're awake" I guess.

          Left the homestead about 3:30, and set the puddle jumper express's (PJE) coordinates for the coast. Olalla Reservoir WAS the destination; with Big Creek Res. #2 being plan B. However, as I approached the Hwy. 20/34 split on the west side of Philomath...signs said that Hwy. 20 was closed at Elk City! And taking the "detour" via Alsea and Waldport would have easily added 2 LONG driving hours to get to those lakes. No thanks!

          After circling like a misguided buzzard for a moment; I turned the PJE's front end for an eastern bound jaunt. While returning to Corvallis, I pondered and cogitated upon just where I was gonna go. My goal was still to try to get somewhere at, or close to, first legal and make the most of the morning hours. About the 5th or 6th sip of Java, it hit me. Quartzville Creek was my new target, on the east side of the valley.

          While it took a bit longer than anticipated; I finally found a nice spot on the Upper End of Green Peter. So, I hunkered down and into a spot on the Quartzville arm of GP. Fish we're jumping all around. I eased into my parking spot and fishing hole quietly. Didn't want to disturb the campers next door, who weren't up yet. It was about 6:00.

          With rod #1, I plunked some Power Eggs. And with rod # 2, I proceeded to cast my go to lure...a brass Little Cleo spoon. Bam! Got a 4" whopper (aka "dink") on cast #2 or 3. I wasn't getting any bites on the Power Eggs, so changed color's and re-plunked those OFF the bottom. I continued to get bumps on my Little Cleo--thinking that getting hits while it dropped was a bit odd.

          In just a couple more casts...WHAM! A decent 'bow of respectable dimension (about 12"). He was carefully C & R'd, just as his little cousin was. After a bit, the bite slowed. So, I switched to a NEW rainbow colored Rooster Tail made specifically for slack water. BAM, BAM, BAM, that thing worked liked a charm. And I was BETA testing them for the maker (Yakima Bait Company). But, like w/ my spoon...many strikes were coming up short or I'd have one on for a shake or two. I tried two other colors of those new Rooster's, with no luck. But, the blades spin NICELY--without having to fiddle with them as with the older Roosters.

          BTW, a school of some decent sized fish swam by. About 15 or so in all. And I thought...hmmm...I've never seen schooling 'bows before.

          Changed the plunking rod gear out for a bobber n' woolly bugger. No hits. Switched to bobber n' worm and let that drift a while. Went back to casting my Little Cleo. All of a sudden...SLAM!!! Fish on! It fought better than the bow, and was a kick to bring it in on my little 5' UL rod. Low n' behold--I was looking eye to eye w/ a 13 KOKE. And I caught it while bank fishing!!! It really is true...there's a first for everything! I quickly invited "Mr. Koke", to my house for dinner. LOL Hence, that explained why fish we're hitting my Cleo on the drop (like jigging for them); and why a "school" swam by several times.

          I got one more C & R bow, by floating a worm OFF the bottom. I also stopped at the park by the GP dam. I just made several casts w/ my Cleo and worked all the way around the bank. No luck.

          Then, I spent an hour @ the Sunnyside boat ramp area at Foster Reservoir. Got one dink bow of 8" on my 5' UL lamiglas (hollow fiberglass rod). I carefully applied the forceps to the hook and let that little dude swim again. Also enjoyed the squirrels in close proximity, who zeroed in to claim some sunflower seeds apparently left behind by a previous fisherpeep.

          Other than a few early morning sprinkles; all in all a decent day. It was about 50 in the early morning and overcast. But, by the time I left Foster (about 12:15) it was partly sunny and nice.

          BTW, I had planned to take plenty of pics...but after snapping one pic my battery died. Whoops!
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            sounds like a fun day....glad you finally got did the shoulder hold up?


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              Thanks for asking Rose. It's a little sore, and I'll know more over the next day or two. But, I do have my surgeon's okay to fish. So, it really was nice to get out again!


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                sounds like a nice day out. good job on the koke dude sounds like it as quite the battle! glad you got to get out of the house and bank some fish


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                  Yep. It was fun just to get out again. It wasn't my best day, but not the worst either. I also forgot to mention that the koke was a 13.5" fatty.


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                    Originally posted by troutdude View Post
                    Yep. It was fun just to get out again. It wasn't my best day, but not the worst either. I also forgot to mention that the koke was a 13.5" fatty.
                    thats a nice koke. i bet he cooked up good! in the odfw report it says the kokes are running 10-15ft right now..weird huh?


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                      The kokes that swam in front of me, where only about 3 - 4 down and in about 8 feet of water. The water must be cold still, from snow melt (and cold weather).


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                          Thanks Randy. But I think I hurt my back carrying my tackle bag; you should see how full of various gear it is! LOL

                          I appreciate the writing comment. Lots of practice in school. For example; I had to write a 50 page research paper that was published (and in the library of my Alma Mater). And don't forget...the stylistic musings of Mr. Pat McManus are etched in my mind too!!!