Hammer time at Detroit reservoir!!!

I have had a very fun 24 hour period (Friday afternoon & Saturday morning)...at Detroit Reservoir.

After unloading camping gear and grub at our lodging spot in Idanha, yesterday about noon, I buzzed over to the dock at Hoover Campround. In 3 hours, I had the luxury of C & R'ing about 30 'bows!

No, size to really write home about; but fun nonetheless. I caught about 2/3 with my "Improved" Berkley / Buzz Ramsey Power Egg slip sinker rig. The other one third, were bagged by using a slip bobber and Power Eggs 4' deep. And I had "doubles" on more than one occasion!!!

Then, a 5 minute trip back to camp. And the enjoyment of the company of many friends, and boys from our churches. Plus, a most delicious dinner of Chili Dogs, Tater Salad, Chips, Cookies and more!

This morning, I led about 2 dozen peeps--including Royal Ranger kids from church (like Boy Scouts)--some parents and other leaders back to Hoover. We made the 5 minute trek and arrived @ 6:30 a.m. (after a great breakfast featuring French Toast, Ham, coffee, cocoa, etc).

During our 3 hour stay, most peeps limited out on trout w/ most folks using the slip sinker set up w/ Power Eggs or Power Bait. In total, we bagged n' tagged for later consumption around 110 trout...NO JOKE.

About 9:30, the kids invaded the ODFW tents and activities. And each young feller, got a new rod n' reel combo for their efforts. Plus, they got their fish cleaned for free.

I thought about fishing the Brietenbush Arm--even drove a few miles up that road--but after all of the previous excitement...this ol' geezer was too pooped too boogie. All in all...a VERY good trip.

Thanks to all of my fellow "offers", for sharing your tips n' tricks.

P.S. Sorry, no pics. I was too busy tying n' baiting hooks, unhooking fish, untangling crossed lines, etc. to snap some photos. One of my buddies took some pics however. So, if he sends me some; I'll gladly download them for you.
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What an awesome time!
Sounds like a great time to me.
Yes, it truly was a great time! Thank you.

I also forgot to mention, that the ODFW's peeps gave one of our boys a 16" and an 18"...out of the little kiddie pond. :)
:DThat's what I'm talking about right there!!!!!:cool: A true fishing experience provided for the youth and sounds like everyone had a blast. Good fishing, Good food, and Good times....who could ask for more? Great story!!!Thanks for sharing:clap:
Now that's what I like to hear!
Thanks everyone.

It was a blast. Many of the peeps caught their very first fish. And some of those newbies limited out...even a buddy who is older than me. He had never ever limited out before. He was also very skeptic, that we would catch any fish at all (he came along, but very reluctantly).

It was great to see all of the smiling faces, young and old. It was also a pleasure to erase skepticism, with 45+ years of experience. It is really neat to help others get into so many fish!!!

P.S. The "older buddy" also brought along his grandsons. The youngest is about 3. You should've heard that toddler squeal with joy, when he caught not only the first fish; but each one thereafter. And the price on mom's face--and grandpa's too--PRICELESS!
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Great Job Bro.

Looks like a reel Wonderful Day...

:yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:
Hawk said:
Looks like a reel Wonderful Day...

Yep, it reely was! lol
TD, it's a great feeling to get out there and fish with a bunch of people and help out isn't it? I'm glad that you were able to hammer fish and maybe hook a few future anglers. Good job bud.
Raincatcher said:
:yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:

I am only "da man", thanks to God and to many dedicated and dependable friends who help make things like this trip happen!

And lets NOT forget my step-dad, for showing me how to fish 45 years ago!!!
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u r the man td great job!!!!!!!!!
Thanks man. Just trying to keep our Oregon heritage alive, and do something constructive that gets kids away from their electronic lives. :)
yay!!!!!! Good job TD.....I am glad your trip was successful......sorry I couldnt fish Friday but sounds like you handled it okay....:D.

While you were slayin dem fish I was floatin down the Deschutes...the weather was beautiful and the fishin was good. I only got 4 and about 6 shoulda beens...hehe....Bigsteel and Mike123 did better....it was great. Except for the smore ban......no fires allowed....:(

Glad you had a great weekend
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