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I am trying to find a good area to take my son on his first deer hunt I have just retired from the Army and my son is now old enough to hunt we are living in the Portland area and are looking to hunt the Trask or Wilson areas but are not sure if these would be a good areas for a 13 year old to learn any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Rob
Hi Rob. You're probably talking about taking him rifle hunting on the general hunt. Is that correct? How much center fire practise has he had, and what distance is he consistently hitting the kill zone? I would lean toward going east and taking him mule deer hunting rather than blacktail. Mule deer are definitely easier than blacktail. He'll see more animals, which adds to the experience of a beginner even if he doesn't have a chance to pull the trigger. There is a trade off in that shots at mulies tend to be in open country and longer. Proficiency should be part of the consideration before going that route though.
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Hi Rob, Aervax brings up some pretty good points. Make sure your son has the skills he needs before the season. That being said, there isn't a much better place to begin honing those skills than out in the woods. Like Aervax has said, I would look at taking him east to hunt mule deer. You are a little bit late for that this year, which is what I am assuming you are asking about. So that is a potential plan for next season.

I am from farther south, and have not hunted that area at all, so this is coming from the little bit of e-scouting I have done. I would probably concentrate on the Wilson unit. According to the population survey from last year the Wilson has a 50:100 buck-doe ratio, where the Trask has a 19:100. Both appear to have a decent amount of publicly accessible ground, with a good mix of cuts and timber. Concentrate on glassing clear cut edges early in the morning and late in the evening, with a couple of hunts pushing the timber during the middle of the day.
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