Winter trout fishing?

Anyone have any winter trout stories? I have never fished trout in the winter and am curious where a good spot to go is??
Where do you live? I'm sure any area reservoir is good right now.
I live in the Oregon City area. I probably should read the Fish and Game regs and find which lakes are open this time of year for trout.
Just curious where people fish this time of year. In the late spring I like East Lake and Diamond Lake for the big ones.
Many lakes and reservoir's are open year around. The reg's will give you the info on that.

Float a worm n' Garlic scent OFF the bottom. Or float Berkley's Power Eggs w/ Trout scent. But, don't neglect things like a Little Cleo spoon. I like to use heavy brass colored ones and retrieve slowly (but always vary the speed n' depth, until you find their trigger switch).

Good luck.

P.S. There is not a lot of stocking happening right now, but here is the list for your area:
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St Louis Ponds outside of Gervais may still have trout in it, and its fishable during the winter if you dont mind a little hike in.
Thanks, I will check it out
Good luck w/ the winter trout fishing. A shad dart is always a good lure to use on those bad boys
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