Wilson River fishing for a beginner

probably said:
Back from my little overnight camp. Didn't catch anything but had a great time exploring, practicing knot tying and casting, and watching the water cruise by. I'll probably buy a proper license and do some day trips to stocked lakes one of these weekends.

Thanks for all the tips! I'll keep trying!
Hello Probably:
Glad to hear you had a good time. Your idea of lake fishing is sound.
Give Vernonia a try. Lots of fish. But look out fir Otters and Osprey! No respect for your fish!! Goid luck
Casting Call
ur welcome! thanks for such a quick reply. Tony10%er
Casting Call said:
How true it is! pelletheads are for eating, River fish are for sport C&R. There are some lakes that I would not eat any fish caught from them. Quantity or quality that is the question? Tony 10%er

Hey Tony,
Having fished all over the world. Washington, Oregon, California, Texas, South Dakota, Mississippi, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, and Iraq. I C&R everything I catch. If I want to eat fish, I go to Long John Silvers . . .;)
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Bake said:
If I want to eat fish, I go to Long John Silvers . . .;)

If you're serious, you're really missing out on what Oregon has to offer.
Ok, maybe not LJS.

But my wife usually likes me to bring something home after a day away. So I troll by Safeway or Costco and pick up something that looks fresh.
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