Wilson, Eagle Creek, or Clackamas?????? What do you think????

So, I am looking for a couple tips and opinions.

I am hoping to get out and hit the water tomorrow, Saturday 12/4/2010, to do a little steelhead fishing. I live out here in Beaverton. I have three different choices:

Wilson River

Eagle Creek

Clackamas River

I have been to the Wilson like once or twice in August and really enjoyed the scenery. The water was REALLY low back then, beautiful but really low.

I have never been to Eagle Creek (the one that everyone seems to fish, not the popular trail one) so am a little curious to hit it and see the scenery, some where new, and hopefully get into some fish.

I also threw in the Clackamas River because if I am out by Eagle Creek, I could swing down and hit the clackamas if I wanted to.

I really am leaning more on either the Wilson or Eagle Creek then on the Clack, but I wanted a third option just in case.

I will be banking and wading, no boat.

So, I would like to know, what is your recommendation?

Please note that I have only recently started steelhead fishing so I am in no way an average steelhead fisher. I would be considered a ........ novice's apprentice (if it even exists, hehehe)

Also, I am trying to get my fishing buddy to go out with me but it looks like he might have to work. I am not too sure if he is going to go or not yet but ....... if he can't go (or even if he can, it is fine with me) if someone would like to tag along, I am willing to pay for gas if you are willing to teach me a little and give me some pointers out on the water oh, and be patient with me, hehehehehe. Not a bad deal I would say. Free ride out to the river, go fishing, teach a little, fish some more, have a good time, fish some more, free ride home. Not bad. heheh :think::cool::D

But my main purpose of this thread is to get some opinions on where you think I should go.


EDIT: I will be going early in the morning and will be back at my place by around 1pm.
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i'd go ec just because some peeps have already had success there. and from the pics ive seen of ec it's probably the easiest to use your waders in. good luck,

thanks, yeah I was really leaning toward Eagle Creek because I haven't been there. The wilson is closer but I always like to expand the areas that I have visited.

Anyone else?
EC has been a lil high the last few days but it hasn't rained today so it should be ok. If the wilson is closer though I'd say you'd have just as good a shot there, especially if you know it. Anyway ur better OFF than me, I am stuck working all weekend so next week I'll giv it a shot.

Good Luck

was at the bridge hole necanicum on wed got a nice steely bobber and eggs also caught five coho and chinook jack bobber and eggs
Wilsons water level should be good tomorro.
Im not a huge fan of EC so ide say Clack or Wilson.
Nehalem and trask is in that area as well.
GMR said:
Wilsons water level should be good tomorro.
Im not a huge fan of EC so ide say Clack or Wilson.
Nehalem and trask is in that area as well.

I've read that the Wilson is a decent, fishable level at 6 feet. True or no?
My fishing buddy can't make it so it is just me tomorrow. I am going to hit the Wilson tomorrow morning. But I have to be back into town by 12ish.

Let me know if anyone would like to go, I have a few extra seats in my car.

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The best holes on EC are on private property or require mountain climbing equipment to reach. There are some nice holes by the hatchery and at Bonnie Lure. FYI I always thought I could wade in the creek below the high water mark and not be violating property owner rights, but EC is not considered a navigable body of water.... So that law doesn't apply there. I have been yelled at a few times down there by zealous property owners, and I always obeyed and respected their wishes and thought they were full of it.... But the law & OSP will side with them. The clack from Barton to carver is hot right now. Eggs (drifted or bobber).

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