Where would you go?

I've got the entire weekend to myself...but don't want to fish the clack any more because I haven't caught anything there and need a change of scenery. Where is their enough fishing action to keep me riveted for a few days. Or if someone is planning a trip and needs to split gas I'm always game for that.

I'm actually thinking about heading up to the Upper Deschuttes for some brown trout but don't know if I want to get that skunk smell all over my gear again.

Let me know any and all information is highly regarded.


sandy as been being good to use... the group of guys i fish with we have been able to at least put something on the bank between us ever time out....
Herman creek :lol:
Youngbuck- I've never fished the sandy but have been meaning too one of these days. Where should I start? Mouth, Oxbow, Creek, etc etc etc

I'm out of eggs and need to bulk up before the steelies start moving.
Herman Creek?
How do I change my screen name...CFishRun was a tilt on the salmon runs but lately it seams that the fish are actually running away from my location. I can't catch a fish in the river, heck I couldn't catch a cold if I was standing naked in the Deschuttes.
Sandy is producing well:D.
Hit the Columbia.
Osmosis....when you say hit the Columbia I hope you mean bank fishing. Due to recent college debt, just moving out west and an entry level position I can't get myself into a boat. Please advise the most accessible bank fishing to be had on the Columbia...it's a big river and I don't want to end up being the guy who drowned-washed down river-and snagged by some sap in Asstoria.

Again I apologize for my ignorance just really new to the west coast fishing scene.
Below bonneville, and warrendale are pretty good spots. there are tons of safe spots to fish from the bank on the columbia.
There are quite a few posts regarding how to gear up for plunking the columbia, and some guys toss spinners out there.
Thank you man....a true gentleman and a scholar.

Now time to start shredding this Forum search...I'm going to use and abuse this query filter...hahaha....like a crazed miscreant on one of those wretched acid trips.

If anyone one is planning a trip out there tomorrow around oh I don't know 5am please let me know I want to learn from the skilled and trained rather than some written words.

Oh and also any body interested in meeting up at the pub some time this weekend to spew fishing lies...i've got some interesting insight into the salmonid species being from MICHIGAN and all.

Again a rare free weekend I need to live it up.
steely slayer
Sandy River

Sandy River

Every time I go I have been able to at LEAST hit one hatchery coho and all of them have been good size. What I would do since you dont like th hike to cedar creek is wait till next weekend and go then everywere will be in great shape after this week and the rain we wil have. bobber eggs corky yarn
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