Where to go on the Sandy?

Hi all,

I’m new to Oregon and brand new to salmon/steelhead fishing. I know this is very last minute but... I’m planning on going out to the Sandy tomorrow early morning to try out my new gear (spinning and float) and start figuring a few things out.

Any recommendation on where to go? I’m between Lewis & Clark, Oxbow or Dodget park?

Any last minute advice will be much appreciated.

Stay safe and stay healthy!
Dodge Park is free so it's an option. This time of year and with the heat the river may be full of folks swimming. The fishing area at Dodge is limited too.

Lewis and Clark and Dabney well might be full of summer swimming folks. Your best bet is Oxbow as it has more area to spread out. Go up to the boat launch and walk the path up river. This should get you away from swimmers.
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Hi @Irishrover. Thank for the info.

Went to Dodge park and Oxbow. The water was pretty brown and murky but it was good to go out and try out all my new gear before the season gets going.

Yes, you are right, there’s not much river to fish on Dodge park but Oxbow is amazing and you can pretty far up river if you are willing to hike. Can wait to see what the place looks like at higher and clearer water in the winter!
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