when will trout fishing be open on the clackamas?

I recently bought my wife a fishing license and we went out on the clack yesterday to try to catch some trout but i was told that trout season was closed. does anyone know where I can find the information on when seasons open and close?
For the clackamas river the regulations state under Special regs in willamette zone.
Mouth upstream to River Mill Dam:
Open for fin clipped trout May 22-Oct 31, 2 trout per day and no minimum length
Open for fin clipped Chinook salmon, adiposed fin clipped Coho salmon, and adiposed fin clipped steelhead entire year.
Use of bait allowed.
No angling from a floating device between River Mill Dam and ODFW markers located approximately 100 feet upstream of hatchery intake structure.

River Mill Reservoir up to Cazadero Dam:
Open for fin clipped trout May 22-Oct 31, 5 trout per day, 8 inch minimum length
Open for adipose fin clipped Chinook and fin clipped steelhead entire year.
Trout over 20 inches are considered steelhead
Open for adiposed fin clipped Coho salmon Aug 1- Oct 31
No angling between markers 400 feet upstream and 100 feet downstream from Faraday powerhouse June 16-Oct 31
No angling from the entrance of the fishway/fish trap at Casadero Dam downstream to yellow deadline markers (approximately 275 Feet)

there are a few more special regulations regarding the other tributaries and the mainstem clack upstream from cazadero dam but just pick up some regulations and the info pertaining to that will be on page 50. Hope this nets ya the info you want
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I'd suggest that you pick up a copy of the reg's, from any local store w/ sporting goods. It will come in really handy.
thank you very much. this is very helpful
I second troutdude, and add to it that you should read it more than once. I always see something new in it that keeps me on the legal side of fishing.
thank you, i have picked one of those up and read threw the Willamette and Columbia zone which are probably the only two areas that i would fish. the thing is i was out on the clack by the safeway warehouse for the second time and a couple of guys were giving me some problems. i was trying to bobber fish for steelhead and my wife was using the same set up for trout. i went to the odfw website and i havn't found anything about trout fishing on the clackamas river.
Honestly there are almost no Trout in the lower Clackamas. While it states in the regs that there is a season for them the only thing you'll be catching is salmon and steelhead smolts. The upper river above North Fork Res. does have some decent fish in it. The flipside with that is that section of river is closed to all salmon/steelhead fishing. So if your wife goes fishing and catches some please encourage her to release them as 90% chance they aren't trout.

In the synopsis in the Willamette section it has a section for the Clackamas River.
thank you beaverfan
Ya no problem. You might look at fishing the Molalla when it opens on the 22nd. I hear it's got some decent Cutthroat Trout fishing. Or if you don't mind driving a little further to get away from the crowds PM me and I can give you directions to some awesome small stream trout fishing in the coast range!
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beaverfan said:
PM me and I can give you directions to some awesome small stream trout fishing in the coast range!

I know this was directed to another user, but thought since I am on vacation next week and hoping to do some exploring in the coast range that you could offer a hint or two on where to go... thing is..

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