Whats your setup??

I'm curious to see what type of gear you got.... What setups...

I'll start my line up:
(All my sticks are wrapped by your truly)

Jig Stick (Caster): St. Croix SCVI MH with a Daiwa Zillion
Drop Shot Rod (spinning): St. Croix SCIV ML with a Diawa Advantage
Finesse Stick (Caster): Lami XMG50 ML strapped with a Daiwa SOL
Crank Rod (Caster): MHX M with a Daiwa Aggrest

My favorite: my sons little spiderman pole, its a blast seeing that pole bend over backwards and hearing the reel scream.

Whats in your bag?
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Well lest see I have
Okuma Celilo 9' spinner
Okuma SST 5.5 oops its a 5 now:lol:
Grigg 9' 8wt with a Trion an no line
Nice 6wt made by the nice gorilla that broke my SST
an my new favorite is a Grigg 8' 4wt I got for my boy may can that little rod shoot some line.
Trout: Echo Carbon 9', 5 wt with a Redington Rise reel spooled with SA XPS WFF.

Salmon/Steelhead: Echo Solo 9', 8wt with an Okuma SLV Spooled with Rio Grand.

Spinning: Eagle Claw "Water Eagle" combo spooled with 6 lb utility mono, purchased for $7 to fish with my 5 yr old niece (I also purchased a tiny Barbi spincast combo to serve the same end, but I usually let her use that one).
trout-5wt orvis clearwater with battenkill reel\
steelhead-dads old fenwick fiberglass rod with phleuger trion
Since you posted this in the Bass fishing section, I'm assuming your just looking for bass setups?
Casting rods:
Lamiglas Competitor 703 with a Abu Garcia Revo S
St. Croix PC60MF with a Daiwa Exceler 100H
Lamiglas Rock Creek A704 with a old Daiwa Magforce
Quantum 6' with a Lew's speed spool
My first casting rod & reel. An LCI composites (Loomis, I think?) 6' with a Abu 4600cb that's just as old. 24 years or so?

Berkley Series One SOS701M with a Pflueger Trion 4735 GX
Berkley Tactix TXS661MF with a Shimano Sahara 1500
St. Croix Triumph TRS60MF with a Diawa Exceler 1500
Shakespeare Axiom 7MH with a Shimano Sonora 2500

I've read a lot of posts on other bass fishing forums saying the 1500 series spinning reels are too small. I've never had a problem with them and they balance really nice on a lightweight 6'-6'6" rod.
Browning, between the Sahara and the Exceler, which one is smoother and better drag? I was thinking about getting a smaller spinning reel for an ultralight setup Im building right now.
If I HAD to choose between the two I'd go with the Sahara. I picked up the Daiwa on clearance, and i've been very happy with it. But all the rest of my spinning reels except for two Pfluegers are Shimanos. I also have a Sahara 2500 on my steelhead spinning rod. For the price, I really dont think you can beat the Saharas.
Finneus Polebender
Bass spinning ,have a lamiglass cascade pro med action 6'6" w/pfueger trion reel
Bass baitcasting berkley lightning rod medium action w/daiwa megaforce baitcasting reel.
Bass all-in-one combo ;)
Lamiglas Competitor Shimano Sahara2500

Its sure is fun, makes all bass fun to catch, even the dinks
Great sharing guys, I see the majority of the gear out here is Lamiglas and Im surprised no one mentioned Loomis.
Steelhead.... lamiglas xmg 50 9 1/2' topped with a abu garcia revo sx.

Salmon rods are all lamiglas topped with shimmano reels.
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