Best rod and reel setup for plunking the Big C. for fall chinook?

Let me begin with those who helped me before with locations on my first post...Thank you! Although I never made it out to fish, due to illness

I'm dizzy with the options of what is out there to buy for the right setup. I will list my current equipment below my question. Its a VERY small list : (
I know that I like Shimano reels. Baitcasting or Spinning is still a toss up, as I have yet to do either for salmon or steelhead (only fished for trout, bass & bluegill). I would love to own a G.Loomis or a Lami. setup. I would like to own a nice high end rod or a couple few to start off with. For the record, I have no intention of backing out of salmon fishing. We honestly eat it almost daily! The length of the rod is a confusing matter, as I have read that 8'6" on up to 13' are what people use. So, I was even thinking about going out and buying a Shimano Stella SW18000 and buying a german brand surf rod a friend in Cali. uses that is 12' to surf fishing with. I would love to use the same setup if it would work for surf and the Big C. call me crazy.
Am I good using my Shimano Calcutta Conquest 400 for Chinook?

Can I get away with buying a Conquest 250DC on the Columbia as a second reel for my wife?

Should I buy another reel as a backup?

Since people are using IMX rods from Loomis (I may be wrong), are they using surf rods or something else to toss that kind of lead? I can't even find a Lami. capable of throwing 8-10oz, or greater, weights for plunking.
Are Loomis and Lami the right types of rod makers to buy from for this type of fishing? If they are what rods can you suggest to me? Again, for plunking.

Or should I just go with the Stella on a 12' surf rod and call it good?

Rod and Reel setup,
Shimano Calcutta Conquest 400 on a Okuma SST-C-902 MH
Shimano Curado 300e / Lami. Cert. Pro X 96 JC
Shimano Curado 200e5 / Lami. Kokanee rod
Shimano Symetre 4000 / CSS-90ML-2A

If all the above does not work I will buy new rods and reels. I know that some are for smaller rivers, but then again I could be wrong since I'm new to all of this.
Wow! All the stuff you mention is pretty high end! Conquest 250DC alone is around $500, right?

Most of the guys plunking Columbia are using inexpensive Daiwa Sealine conventionals coupled with 12' ugly sticks. It's usually crowded on the bank so the inexpensive gears work really well there. I would be hesitant to bring $700 combo with me for that type of fishing. Just my opinion though...
if you got the money buy a boat? on the serious matter though I been trying to find the same thing although I have to look at the low end prices I seen somewhere of a gloomis casting rod that is raited for 8oz they called it a backbouncer? or something like that but again that was 300 bucks or more. There is a shop in the portland/oregon city a friend told me about that sells really good rods that can handle that weight I will try to find it and send you a PM
Would love to buy a boat, but I need to wait sometime for that purchase. I'm allowed to go crazy on gear and all for now, so I'm taking advantage of my situation. It will look much better after I get past the, "we'll see after you start actually catching them", from the wifey. I'm glad I'm not the only one looking. Please, PM me if you find something like that. I even read people using downriggers (DR) from them but I don't know rods well enough to understand if it's a good purchase. You know what I mean?

Thanx Airs98, you've been helpful since I joined! I know that people use them, as I have read that too. I read the other day about people loosing their rods and reels to the "fish gods-steelhead gods" or what-ever the akin their loss too. Freaks me out! Regardless, I like to buy the nicest gear I can, in-part to feel good about what I have in regards to quality, and that I'm getting the very best for my money. I shop hard, I think you would even be impressed with the prices I've managed. On a side note, finding Simms gear (waders/boots), not having as much look finding a bargain on their G4's.
Dude don't waste your money on that stuff. I've fished with better rods than one could buy (unless you know the folks with Clearwater or other blank builders and you tie your own rods up). The difference is negligible when you fish with the proper rod weight/reel especially if you are going to plunk. Just make sure you fish the right times and ask around for what the fish are hitting.
Also Daiwa (especially the old school ones are really well build and work great for tossing out those heavy rigs in heavier currents) are more than reliable and overall great reels.
Seems to be the consensus not to waste my money...but its hard I tell ya:confused:. lol

So when you are talking about Daiwa are you talk low pro or round reel?

I also would love a custom rod, just because I could call it my very own:dance:

Learning just that (times and what's hot), is also of very big importance to me, but it has sent my back to the tackle shop more than I can to share. lol sad, but true I hope I don't sound to pathetic, but being new really bites!

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