What's your favorite off-the-wall-weird lure or bait?

Good lord people stop using WD-40! Their own website even has it in their FAQ that they've changed the recipe, and that it harms the environment.

MY favorite weird bait is daisies. Just pop the flower head off the stem whole, stick it on a hook.. Trout and bluegill love em.
I know this is an old thread but it got me thinking, when I was young(a million years ago) we would suck on gum drops then chew then once or twice and put them on a hook.
I've found a cigarette butt in the gut of trout before.
taconight2night said:
I've found a cigarette butt in the gut of trout before.

Now that's what I call "Smoked Trout" !! [emoji41]
Diamond Lake Charlie
I like power bait, however I don't use a lead weight to get my bait down. I use an adjust-a-bubble (AAB). The are similar to a casting bubble but they slide on your line and you can fill them full of water for casting, then once they hit the water the only weight is the plastic from the bobber. Here is the major difference for you, with a lead weight, even the tiniest split shot it will go to the bottom in the weeds, with a the adjust-a-bubble they will hang up in the weeds up near the top and therefore you bait sits higher in the weeds and if your bait is easier to find for the fish. With a lead weight sinker you put a slight tension on your line and when the fish hits you attempt to set the hook. With an AAB you cannot do that and there is always just a little slack in your line and in the 8 plus years I have been using this system I have never set a hook and I often fish with barb less single egg hookis. I have taught it to several people and they all tell me they catch more fish, yes some have tried it with no success and go back to weights. However if done properly it is much more effective. The biggest trick is setting your bait height in accordance to where the fish are hanging and I will use anywhere from 2 ft of leader to 6 or even 7 ft of leader. I have some split shot in my tackle box but I have not used them since I started with the AAB. It makes no difference if you are an inexperienced child or a top contender, the fish set the hook themselves and all you have to do is have patience and reel them in. My Great uncle Stace used to use dip his worms in snuff, he swore by it but I think he was joshen me cause I was a kid.
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