What's your favorite off-the-wall-weird lure or bait?

I have heard all sorts of things over the years--most of them kind of nasty. Preparation H for catfish, a bloody Band-Aid for crawdads, beer can poppers for bass, and all sorts of crazy things.

Myself, I use a wedding ring spinner with a small curlytail grub threaded over the shank of the hook. This lure is over 3 inches long, but it knocks the Pumpkinseed dead, when they're on their spawning beds. Pumpkinseed rarely top 7", so it is awesome to see a lure the same size as a fish be successful.

My other weird one is Nordic kokanee jigs for surfperch from a pier. The up and down action will get the fish to bite, while the lure is heavy enough to handle some stiff wind/wave action. Again, oftentimes the lure is the same size as the fish.

So, who else goes outside the box--or outside the tackle box--to catch fish?
For me the best are as follows:

Spinners: Blue fox
Spoons: Kastmaster
Baits: Berkeley Power eggs (for hatchery trout)

I have never fished with real worms or roes or eggs!!
you know I was told about prepiration h for salmon and steelhead because its made with shark oil like the old wd40 was.Heard to put it on your plugs and spinners so if anyone has done this or willing to try let us know how it works.Other then that nope sorry pretty much a natral fisherman besides I use jello on my eggs but thats the best I got
A bare chrome hook! I actually won a $10 bet by catching 3 pink salmon on nothing but that bare hook. only took about 20 minutes too boot. The look on his face was priceless
A hand hammered Sterling Silver spoon, from an antique spoon found at a garage sale, priceless!!

Gum. I use chewing gum on my leaders for cutthroats. Believe it or not, it works!
back when i was too young to be disgusted, we used to fish for grass carp at a specific pond by a pig farm using a ball of cotton wool dunked in watered down chicken poop. them suckers would suck in the cotton floaties like they were marshmallows.

we also used to fish for ocean catfish using lightly sauteed pig intestines.

and then there's the duck we used for bait...
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ninja2010 said:
and then there's the duck we used for bait...

:lol::lol::lol: bahahahahhahahahaha
Haha, nice. Sounds like we have plenty of creative people on this forum. Just out of curiosity, ninja, was that grass carp pond nearby? There are supposed to be Grass Carp in Lost River, but I've only heard of one person catching one...

I just may have to try some of these things now...although some of them are just plain nasty! :naughty:
Velveeta sheese product smeared on a shallow diving plug.
I use the WD on spinners, spoons, and plugs. Don't know why it works but it does, and my pa swears by it. The old school silver can opener just run the line straight through the opener and a trebile or siwash hook.
I just had a guy tell how to make a ling cod jig out of a thrift store butter knife, a treble hook ,and some split rings. Just like my home made spoons except a butter knife instead of the spoon. It's supposed to work well, I'm told.
When sturgeon fishing i sometime use crest tooth paste for scent my grandpa swore by it!
one time i caught a steelhead on a piece of yarn.. another crazy steelhead ate a 10 mm plastic bead for making necklaces and ****.. I caught a trout on a white marshmallow and once managed to fish over 20 minutes WITHOUT catching a humpy on a bare hook.. but nothing beats the load of crap I managed to catch my wife with.. so I guess that would make her a sucker?
Throbbit _Shane
Off the wall? I noodle in the nude... for what ever bites. Purple headed worm FTW!
Knot Fishing Sober
Fried chicken bones is the best crawfish bait I've ever used. I also used to catch catfish in california all the time with hot dogs.
When we ran out of salted minnows in Canada, we tipped our jigs with used ear plugs...worked pretty good. We were actually trying to see what they WOULDN'T bite on...
Hot dog chunks sprayed with wd-40 have slayed monster catfish for me since my best friends dad showed us the trick 15 years ago. I swear to bob it never fails.
I have used white bread soaked in grape soda and covered in corn meal, hot dogs, little smokies, oh and there was that mouse I found on the shore once. When I was young we used to use mouth spray on lures also but the brand is no longer around, but man it worked everytime.
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