What has four legs and smells like tuna?



Feb 2, 2010
Milwaukie, Oregon
Google it and find out...

In the meantime, I went out Tuna fishing with Captain's Reel out of Newport again on Saturday. Boy those 18 hour trips are something. (We were actually out around 20 hours)

So, we pulled out of port around Midnight and were fishing by 5am. We didn't have a bite until after sunrise but the first action lit up 3 rods at once.

The fishing wasn't quite as hot as last month but then the weather was so nice that it could have thrown off the bite a little. The captain and crew worked really hard to get us into fish though. I think we ended up with around 30 for the day.

I boated 3 Albies, each one a little bigger than the one before. The last 2 were on light gear and boy there is nothing like it. They start stripping line and all you can do is hold on and try to gain a little ground when they take a break.

Once again Captain's Reel showed me a great time.

Thanks Captain Dave, back up Captain Eric, deckhands Randy, Mike, Jerry and Frank (Jerry is normally on the Ocean Captain but rode along and helped out on the Enterprise, he's also a brand new OFFer).

You guys are rock stars and as I've said before, it's not only about catching fish, it's about having a great time and once again I had a great time.

(Look at that blue sky and flat ocean - gorgeous day at sea)
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