What are the odds??


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Took the daughter and her boyfriend down the river today in search of thier first steelhead..Niether of them has fished steel before except for the Siuslaw last weekend where we skunked...

So what are the odds that your very first is 39.5 x 20 that calcs out to a tad over 20 pounds and is clipped to boot...A LOT I bet...LOL:shock:

My daughter also caught her first "regular" sized fish...I was starting to doubt we would get hers today after she lost the first 2...

Epic day..





Awesome fish you guys, I bet they are hooked on steel. Hope they don't think you catch fish like that often!!!! Heck of a first!


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Talk about going from 0 to 100! ....or more like 0 to 20lb! The downside is that the bar has been set high and it's all down hill from here. :) BTW, are you booking trips yet?! ;)


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Lot a boats putting in that morning..I was procrastinating drift fishing a spot trying to let the road racers go on down and thin out...There were 2 boats drift fishing that hole and they pulled out a fish...After hammering it pretty hard they finally pulled anchor and went down..

I dropped in and decided to pull plugs through the hole...It had been drift fished to death and thought a differant look might work...

I was right.. ;)

30 hot shot,blue pirate...

It was actually a pretty tough day...I hate the weekends and rarely go then but it is the only time my daughter can fish....The same float last Wensday I saw 2 boats all day...Musta been 20 Saturday..Unless I am forced into it I don't fish Saturdays...:shock: