Weird fish?

I know this is gonna be confusing without a picture but I fell on my camera when I wrecked my bike about 2 months ago (fractured a joint in my elbow too:cool:)

I was at the pond above Alton Baker Canoe Canal just a few weeks ago, behind Autzen stadium. I was casting a spinner for trout and hooked someone elses line and brought in the weirdest looking fish I've seen in town. It had the body of a squafish but it was about 2 feet long, the head was kinda pointy like one too but it had a sucker mouth, like a carp. There were a ton of scales and they were all really hard and most even had a sharp little tip in the center. The color was just like a carp but extremely dark on the back, fading to a golden brown underbelly. It didn't have whiskers like a carp too. Anyone know what it was? Can carp and squafish inter-breed?
sounds like a carp, partially decomposed to me. dont know what else it could be
Troutier Bassier
It was a Suckerfish. Yes Ma'am.
I guess the message didn't post yesterday, yes thats almost exactly the same fish. The one I brought in was about 20 inches and i guess the color was so dark and the white spikes were on the scales either because it was old or because it had been anchored to one location and was starving. I forgot to mention it was alive and I released it.
I too have caught the 20 Inch suckerfish! Feels like reeling in a log...doesn't it? Kinda cool, second biggest fish I've ever caught. They are definitely very distinctive looking.
sounds like a suckerfish. I caught one the other day that pretty dark and strange looking. Them suckers can look weird. Here is a pic

Suckers make great cut bait for catfish and perch and great crabbin bait
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