We got skunked but my buddys a few rows down got there hawgs!

It's that time again ladies and gents...the fall hawgs are coming through and there are fish to be caught!!!
My wife and my best friend and I went out Saturday on the Columbia near Columbia City and got skunked, but my buddys that were four or five hoglines down from us closer to Goble were successful...:) See the pics attached.
We saw all sorts of boats "gettin" sideways and the boat two over from us was able to hook and boat a nice 30 pounder....
My one friend with the smaller fish was using a Bright Orange/Red and black spotted Simon I just bought him as a gift, and the fish swallowed the thing almost whole all the way back to the gills!!!!Glad it got him a big one!!!
Chartruese still seems to be the color of choice though.
Going back out Wednesday and then again Friday/Saturday to get our!!!
Good luck to all my fellow catchers!!!
Big Mac and the "Bearly Awake" boat
Swamp Puppy
nice to see it! i fish right on that stretch of water and i has been sloooow. my last trip was last week on wed and there wasn't a whole lot going on. we were just off of Columbia City and didn't see much going on around us. i did get a report that a couple of days later in the same spot my buddy's boat got 2 fish by 8am.

plan on hitting the river thursday. hope to get the skunk off the fall season!

are you fishing the Derby saturday or just fishing?
Awesome chromies man! Thanks for the report...I'm getting the itch too (like a lot of fellow OFF'ers too, I am sure). :)
Welcome to the forum! Nice looking chrome you have there. I haven't fished that area in a long time, maybe I need to visit there again now that I have a boat for that kind of water.

If your going out, you may wish to bring lots of "Rite Guard" as you will have lots of company... It's one hawg line after another from CottenWood Island down past Willow Grove. The other pain may be to find a parking spot, ofcourse getting you boat back on the trailer may take you some time also . Buoy 10 has nothing on us . lol

Good luck!
Reed is right...gets a bit crowded but for the most part guys are cool about sharing the water...but real butts when on the ramps...lol
Johnny's Tavern Salmon Derby this Saturday...$10 to enter...
It's gonna be a mad house!
Might anchor out over night Friday and avoid the anarchy at the ramps...lol
I've only been out 3 times and every one has been real good (other than one guide) on the water and at the ramp. We only use the dock to pick up and drop off to get the rig. Johnnys' Derby is getting bigger every year, never fished it but had to deal with people at the Tavern when I was a working person. For those are going to fish the derby, have a GR8 time and I hear that Johnnys' make a real good hamburger. Myself, the weather is going to be cool so it's time to smoke 2 of the 3 I've caught.
Swamp Puppy
Johnny's burgers are very good. The chili burger being one of my favorites.

i should be on the water tomorrow morning for a few hours and then again friday afternoon for a few hours. saturday will be derby day, so hopefully we get our fish and get gone before the ramp turns into chaos. been thinking about launching at Scappoose Bay. It's closer to my house, but a longer boat run to my fishing spot. The big plus is that it isn't as big of a hassle when it gets busy. St Helens really only has one side of the launch that is functional for anything over 14ft as the other side is all silted in.
Scappoose Bay is the way to go!!!!

Scappoose Bay is the way to go!!!!

Scappoose Bay is the only place I launch for that very reason...I hate the chaos at St Helens and its not worth dealing with just to have a shorter ride to fish. I would rather spend a buck extra in fuel gettin to where I am going.
Goin out with my buddy Benny tonight to try trolling the mouth of the Lewis after work and then Friday night the same and of course the Derby Saturday....Can't wait. Time is not movin by fast enough today to get off work and hit the water...lol

Post it on how you do, I'm not fishing cause my partner only fishes 2 days a week (bad back) and I'm not his only fishing partner. I don't take my boat alone on the river, can't handle the fish and a net at the same time do to messed up shoulders. Best of luck!
Good luck to you all....have no idea where on the Columbia you all are (never fished it) but it sounds fun so I will just smile and nod my head...but have a great time!!!!
lilsalmon said:
Good luck to you all....have no idea where on the Columbia you all are (never fished it) but it sounds fun so I will just smile and nod my head...but have a great time!!!!

Come on up and wet a line, the nice thing about the Big "C" is you can fish it with either a Oregon or Washington fishing license. Scapoose is just west of Portland, close to St Helens on hwy 30, I'm a bit farther west over by Rainier. A week day is not as buisy as the weekends.... for some things retirement is a good thing....
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