Waverly Lake

Stopped by Waverly Lake today on the way home. Saw it was just stocked so I figured what the hell, it's on the way home and I have my poles with me. Threw some powerbait on the bottom and a couple spinners. Got a little one on a spinner and a couple other bites on it:dance:.

From what I understand there are other fish than just trout in there. Anyone know what kind and where they might be hiding in the lake.

Anyone have any experience fishing this lake??
The last day that ODFW stocked Waverly Lake was on Thursday, March 11th. But, I drive by there a LOT and it doesn't seem to get too much pressure. So, there still should be some trout in there.

It also has bass, bluegill and crappie and maybe some cats. But, I don't know where to target them. Maybe someone else will add to this thread.

BTW, welcome to my home state and to OFF!
If you look more closely at the stocking schedule, you will see that they stock it "sometime" during the week of 3/22. It often isn't actually stocked until Thursday or Friday of the listed week. Same is true for ALL stockings.
I used to fish it ten years ago. We would catch the stocked trout from the boat ramp or in the south east corner of the lake just above where the channel comes in. Power bait on the bottom. Soon as the weather warms you can catch bass catfish and gills in the North cove. Below the spill way in the creek you can catch bass. Small crank baits or drop shot small plastics like a sweet beaver or similar.
thanks for the info black bass. ill try going for the bass once it warms up.

troutdude: check otu the albany paper. stocked with 500 bows to get the kids out fishing.
Extra stocking. Way cool! Thanks.
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