Washington Vs. Oregon

So i guessing some of you have been fishing or have heard about fishing in washington.
I heard Washington has better salmon fishing, What do you guys think. Theres a great Chum run there.
If you had the choice, would you rather fish here or there.
Duh, here! Might be moving up there though :( I'll still fish down here though.
Throbbit _Shane
washington has a bigger variety of fish and a few rivers have their famed runs.. but i still think i'm sticking with oregon.
I've come to know and love Oregon fishing and its waters and would much rather live down here. However, Bein a lifelong resident and guide in WA, I will honestly say there are more fish up there in all three categories: quanity, variety, and quality. I've caught some amazing fish and seen plenty down here and really really wish we could get the type of fishing down here that takes place up there. Oregon does have better bass and other warmwater fishing by far with the exception of tiger muskies. WA owns salmon steelhead and sturgeon though. Trout fishin is a toss up. IF you want a hundred fish day for salmon, go fish a Puget Sound river or even a few of the OP or coastal streams this year and that's mainly due to the pinks. There are rivers up there where I've caught 4 species of salmon and steelhead all in one day. If you want to catch big fish on a regular basis year round, WA is the way to go. BTW it kills me to say that cause their laws and the other idiots from seattle on the water suck and can ruin a good day on the water. Oregon fishing wins the good day on the water contest
I dont have numbers, but doesn't WA put an A$$-load more hatch fish in the water? Way it was explained to me, WA wants high numbers, OR wants native numbers. Seems OR is more concerned about returning native stocks and WA is just throwing hatch fish in the water to get fish to harvest?
Hope someone has a little more data on this, just how it was explained to me years ago, from what I've witnessed it seems valid.
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