tucca& three rivers report

a change of plans to not hit the alsea this mornign after our "guide" (uncles friend) decided he didn't want to go in the ice. we went back home and slept for a few houras and made it to the hatchery at 11 there were 3 fish already banked by drift fisherman
but i decided to go for a bobber and jig setup and dad fished spinners. after about 20 mnutes with no bitesi switched my black micro to a pink vibra uv. 3rd cast the two guys both next to me had snagged the bottom so i laughed and said "we got a double!" we all laughed and midway through the drift on that same cast... BOBBER DOWN! i wasn't paying attention and missed the fish pissed me off lol . after another 45 minutes we moved downstream to the guardrail thing with parking spots in between the hatchery and the bait shop. awespome looking water and we didn't get a single hit after an hour.we decided to hit the nestucca and walking down to where three rivers meets the nestucca but on the ppposite side where the logs are in the water. drift fished corkies and worm and got a total of 3 hits in the pouring rain with no succesful hooksets. most of em were small hits and caught us off guard but all in all it was a great day got to spend some time with my dad and joke around for a while. weather was crazy, there was sleet , warm air,cold air rain,wind all kinds of sh*t

btw, you should have seen the look on everyones face at the hansen boat ramp when they saw me on the other side climbing the log! they wre like.. wtf that kid is a monkey! :lol:
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Yep. When I first met you at "our lake"...I deduced that you must be at least 1/4 monkey! I've never seen anyone climb all over and around logs like you do!

Glad you got out today and had a least a little fun.
That sounds like fun!!! any day on the water is way better than the couch at home ;) BTW i like the shape of the log on the 2nd pic looks like a dinosaur!!!
Waters runnin low and a little clear. Were still pullin fish out tho.
Good times... Good report.
sounds like a great day bud
thanks everyone it was a great time, but i was thinking about my fly rod the whole time :( water was perfect for a fly ..
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