Tualatin River Fishing

Old thread.

But back in the 90's, I'd go with friends and hit up the Scholls area in a POS little motorboat (and sometimes bank fish a "secret spot" on private property).

We'd catch some very large cuts. Some up to probably 18-20". And they generally have weird lesions and roundworms and stuff, so they always went back. But we always caught. I think they're more of an upper-river fish, since I rarely see them here in the Tigard area (I know they migrate from the Willy up the Toilet, but I don't think they stay in the lower river long -- too warm.
I think there are some resident cutts throughout the system - I've caught them in Tigard, I've caught them in Hillsboro, and of course upstream too. The ones from the warmer, muddier waters always look washed out - very silvery with barely visible spots. The orange slashes are still showy though.

With the regulation changes on the river this year, it can be enjoyed year round and people won't get in trouble fishing for bass, carp, or catfish in the "off season".
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