Town run in Eugene--need advice!!

I need advice on the town run in Eugene, it looks pretty straight forward, but I don't want any surprises. I was gonna run it solo today, but decided, Eh, I better get some input and tomorrow i might have someone to go with. I've never paid attention to it much, but I've fished it from the banks along the bike paths, and that's always been a colorful experience, and I really would rather not get stabbed. So now that I've got my boat, I figure why not. I know people take out at Beltline, and that's where I'd like to take out as it's a mile from my house, but where to put in? Any other input, greatly appreciated. Oh and will be running it in my driftboat.
Island park. I did it yesterday and its a good drift with no suprises. Long if you fish it hard.
Went today from AB to Beltline. I don't think you will have any problems. I hope you can get into some fish. All we managed to get to the boat were a couple rainbows, a sucker, and two pike minnow. Good luck.
Make sure you launch below i5 so you don't get stuck fishing that dead water right above the drop in the river. i think its really easy never done it not even in a raft. I would say Day island to ab or even farther to beltine. good luck if you go
I know a lot of people I work with put in at the back of Alton Baker and take out at Beltline. They all say its a nice easy float. Behind Valley River are some good holes. You can also put in at Beltline and take out at Marshall island ramp out passed Lonepine farms. There you can Fish where the Mckenzie and Willy come together, There are supposed to be some productive holes along there. Just remember that passed the Mckenzie all the way to the Harrisburg bridge you can only use artificials, no bait.
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