Took the old man fishing today....

Went over to the Nestucca last night, camped at Beaver, and went fishing today. The old man has never fished for steelhead or salmon in his entire life..

We rented a 'cabin' at the campground (extra $10) instead of pitching a tent.. it was a sheltered, heated, 2 bed, 15' x 15' room.. with a covered porch and a fire pit! Perfect! We cooked some steak and drank beer around the fire until midnight.

Started the morning with him buying his first oregon fishing permit at 7:30am.. We got to the hole and started fishing at 8am.. I set him up drifting some of KODIAK's awesome coon shrimp! 10am he calls me over and tells me he thinks he snagged the bottom and wanted me to check.. I give a tug and got a solid headshake, I handed him the rod back and say 'sorry but you hooked a fish and need to reel it in'.. he got this smile on his face and grabbed the rod and started doing work.. after about 6-7 minutes of what seemed like pulling on a suction cup on the bottom of the river he is ready to bank the fish. It was a bright crome 30", 10lb native hen with a weird blue tag in its big fin on its back.. we landed it carefully, unhooked it and I tried to snap a photo from my phone but couldn't get it setup in time and we decided to set the hen loose.. she darted back into the dark green river healthy and strong..

It took him a whole 2 hours of trying to get his first steelhead before he reached his goal! He must of had a good teacher is what I am thinking!?!?!?

I finished the day with a hog built 12" trout on my last cast (I even called last cast) just so I wouldn't leave without landing something.. the trout returned to rivers green as well..

An awesome weekend with the old man!
Awesome! :clap: I'm taking my Dad sometime this month to get his first Steelhead too :) Hope we can have the same luck!
Nice. Did you get the info off the blue tag? I would call ODFW and ask them about it and if you did get the information i would relay it to them
Eggs what a great way to spend time with your Dad and making memories to last. That's what taken the old man or a child fishing is all about ! Hope you and your father can have many more trips like this one.
No info on the tag that I could see but figured I would call odfw tomorrow..

He wouldn't stop talking about the fish the entire drive home hahaha
:clap: Excellent!
:clap:Nice Job and great fishing story with pops:D
Way to go man! Lets us know about the tag.
i to am intrested in what ODFW has to say on that. I would have thought there would have been some numbers or such
Johnny Southpaw
Nice job! Another fisherman joins the ranks of self-described steelhead junkies/addicts...
Left Bank
That's what fishing is all about :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
Yea those tags we have here on our fish means it's been recycled.
That was the thought at the tackle shop... that it was a Native that ran up 3Rivers and since they don't let any fish past the hatchery they tagged and released it to hopefully go up the mainstem(we caught it above 3Rivers).
That's a great story for the scrapbook.

I'll bet that Pops still hasn't stopped talking about it!
The blue tag is from the East Fork trap on the Trask, last year.. they tag all fish they collect and released.. so this fish just got lost and ended up at the Nestucca a year later.. no wonder it was a pig..
thats neat to know. kind of cool if you think about it
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