Too early for Hagg Lake?

Any recent reports from Hagg? I feel the need to wet a line and am considering a float tube trip to Hagg. Is it worth my while? Any info would be appreciated.
Shaun Solomon
Well… multiple days of warming weather and sun, on a waxing moon. The weather is forecast to turn worse on Monday.

I don’t know specifically about Hagg, but you should probably go somewhere. If Hagg feels like a place you would like to go, you should probably go.

I don’t know anything about the most recent infusion of pellet eaters, so I can’t help with that. It’s a pretty popular lake, so if they are stocking it seems like they might dump a few in there.

There are also bass and panfish in there, and this is about as good a setup weather wise as we have had this year.

Sometimes you just have to roll the dice. I’m going Sunday. Not to Hagg, but somewhere.

Keep us posted.

Hagg Lake can be hit and miss this time of year. I check the lake wistfully quite regularly, and have seen many fisher folk there over the past couple months. But I haven't seen many signs of success in the last few weeks.

Stocking is set to start soon, and that may invigorate the holdovers.

Float tube can be nice if the weather cooperates, but can be sketchy if not. Any time of the year.

Good luck, and let us know how you fare.
Well, Hagg was a big miss today. Water is about 42deg. No sign of life near the surface and everyone there, including the bank fishermen weren't doing anything. I talked to a kayaker and he said he saw one boat with a bunch of kids fishing catch 1 fish. That was it. Stocking schedule starts 2/28 if anybody is interested. The schedule is posted at the restrooms at the eastern most boat ramp.
8.5lbs near the surface today. A few hits around 20-30ft down. Cloudy skies and calm water. Fair amount of surface movement. Entirely opposite last week.
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Wow! Nice catch. I'm assuming trolling? I tend to like casting lures that are shallow runners. I'll probably give it another go next week. I also like fishing with cloud cover.
Yes, trolling. Was trying near surface and at depth as per fish finder. Best results for me are near surface with hits on many lures and power eggs / corn. Got some more on Fri including a sweet 3lb. See a lot of people near the dock and a few appear quite successful. Happy fishing.
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