To fish the Clackamas or not to fish the Clackamas?

Can anyone tell me where would be the best place to fish for Salmon or Steelhead from the bank this year? I live in Gresham and i've heard the sandy has been doing decent this year, but I really don't know that river too well. Also I have been fishing the Willamette near the mouth of the Clack for steelhead and salmon and have got nothing but Bass using copper spinners.. uhhh also I have caught some decent sized trout way up near estacada by faraday dam on the clack. No steelhead or salmon there either. So basicaly the real question i should ask is should i fish on the Sandy and where should i fish at there? Or on the Clack and where at on the clack? Also what can I use for lures to hook up a salmon? Do they go after orange colored lures or the copper colored like the steelhead? Any advice would be helpful.


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Both rivers have fish right now!! You know that!! Fish either one !! don't expect some one is going to tell you secret spots!
That answers my first question, thanks waco. So what colored lures are salmon going after? Bait seems expensive as hell. Any color suggestions?
Green and silver, tarnished brass and or black in clear water. Make sure your down on the bottom and moving slow that's my lazy advise :) if your not losing a few or at least getting hung up your not doing it right. Try getting a loop of line in front of your spinner aka in the current to pull you spinner along takes a little practice but its where its at.
I could tell ya some secrets...But then id have to kill ya =) But the colors we always had luck with, plunkin wise, is watermelon. Spin-n-glows. Throw some lead out, leader with spin-n-glow, and sit back and enjoy the day. Or, yellow and orange. Prawn spinners, with green beads, and of course, red or pink prawn is goldennnnnnnn. Im having brain farts, but if I can remember what else we use, illl give you a holler! Let er buck!
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Thank you all for the responses I am definitely looking forward to using some new lures this year. All the advice is much appreciated thanks again guys!
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