Tips for best fishing on Salmon River

the title pretty much sums it up....

i'm looking to get to the river (shore fishing) saturday morning/afternoon. i haven't fished for salmon here before and would greatly appreciate any suggestions for bait/gear, hot spots, parking, any important regulation info, etc.

are there any areas nearby that might be suggested?

Welcome to the forum!!! and i hope you find answers to your requests!!!
well the best place i would suggest would be the salmon river. on highway 18 go behind the tackle shop i'm sure the fish are there by now use a corkie with yarn bobber and eggs/sandshrimp or spinners good luck to ya,

Welcome to OFF and to our beautiful coast!

I'd give bobber and eggs and try in slow, or slack water. In moving water, I'd switch to jigs, spoons, spinners etc.

Check your 2010 reg book, for specific reg's for that river. But, it is open now for adipose fin-clipped (hatchery) steelhead upstream to the Hwy. 18 bridge, which is between mileposts 11 & 12. It is closed for steelies above that bridge apparently. And obviously closed for Native steelies (ones that DO have an adipose fin).

It is also open for fin-clipped Nooks and Ho's, up to the Hwy. 18 bridge near milepost 9. And, apparently closed beyond that point for any salmon. Be sure that you know how to identify the nooks from the ho's BEFORE you take 'em out of the water. Otherwise, you can get a hefty ticket/fine if a game warden or police officer has their peepers on you.

This ODFW hotlink will help you with I.D.'s:

Fish Division: Ocean Salmon Management - Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

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P.S. There is also some decent trout fishing near you, in late winter/early spring (Feb/March/April). Just let me know if you're interested by sending a PM.
salmon fishing the salmon river is pretty easy. most people just plunk a corky and let it sit.(tidewater). That is where i caught my first salmon. I stoped going there because i was sick of having to get there at 5 or 6 just maybe get a decent spot and then have to wait till dawn for first cast. A lot of people there are rood and territorial. If i were you I would research the siletz....more area to fish and LOTS of nice steelhead most year round. You will also have some access to some bottom fish fishing in the depoe bay area. For now the internet and search button are your best friends for research....that is how I started and i am still learning 5 years later.
thanks everyone for the suggestions, much appreciated.
i'm still wondering... how far up the river can i expect to find salmon at this point in the season? closer to the estuary or further upstream? thanks again...
just look for the people fishing....the locals know where the fish are. make sure to read the odfw regs before you wander too far. Also make sure you know how to distinguish coho and nooks.
if i read it right, fin-clipped coho are still okay to keep up to milepost 9 (the june 4 addendum says nothing specifically about coho)?
Be sure to check the updated regs online. Like life,it's all subject to change. ;-)
thanks again, everyone. i did go this morning/afternoon... there were a few here and there, but not too interested in our spinners/spoons. guy next to us used a scented corkie with no luck as well. they were already looking pretty worn out and patchy. in some cases the line ran right across their faces but they just weren't having it! oh well... better luck next time, i guess.
steelhead is just right around the corner.
out again this morning, but no action for me or anyone else in the area. late season for chinook?
when does steelhead really begin?
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