The Wilson, then the Kiltches!

Nice looking fish man!
very nice nook congrats:clap:
GDBrown said:
I was at the "Logger Bridge" using a jig for the first time in my life!:D

The fish filleted out to 14.5 pound of nice pink meat.

Nice one GD. I have just started using jigs for steelhead and I caught my first ever(summer) at McIver last month. I saw one guy catch a native Coho@Oxbow in October with a tore up jig that he threw some yarn on. Later that month I saw another fellow hook a sweet native Chinook bouncing off the bottom with a jig he tied himself. That and steelhead bites got me interested in tying my own.:clap:
DirectDrive said:
The Kilchis does not have good bank access. Mostly private property.
I think jathrtn is talking about what's known as the "Logger Bridge". It's one of the few access points for bankies.

:) kcoL spaC

thats rite there is not good bank access ;)

that is where he is talking about but there is good bank acess on that river if you are willing to hike but i am not telling any one where i gess that is why i fish alone down there is because not every one nos how to get to it
but good luck
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