The Creek

Went to try and repeat yesterday, and I found a few fish away from the crowd but couldn't get the silvers to stick! I landed a 20 pound nook that tore me up, literally. Took me down three holes, back up two, then down one more then put a couple holes in my waders with his teeth to top it off:confused::rolleyes: Lost so much gear today but thats what you get when you are fishing on not that many fish. Heard lots of fish rolling at the mouth a lil rain and they'll be in with full force. Can't Wait!!!
Sounds like a great fight! Do you ever come home empty handed??? :)
Actually today I did. I let the tough guy go. I lost all the silvers I hooked today, oh well better luck tomorrow
Sounds like fun! I bet the fight was awesome although you didn't keep him. I hit a big Nook yesterday on the Sandy and let him go on his merry way. Although he looked pretty darn good for this time of the year! a lot of people were keeping the nice ones but 10minutes later they were lookin pretty bad. I also had the same problem with keeping the Ho's on the hook.
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The fresh ho's are too hot man!
Let the games begin! See you next week!
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