The continuing oil spill episode in the Gulf

the drilling company needs to step it up for the impact on the local economies. they need work.. if it aint fishing or shrimping etc pay em to help out on clean up.. as far as the clean up/spill they should have had something lined up for the what if... already tested and ready to be put to use (such as the cap on the well to prevent further leakage. They should have already had it instead of needed to come up with one that will take 2 weeks AFTER it blew up.
There is a cap on the well, unfortunately it malfunctioned. It's really a shame! BP needs to pay big time for this!
what ever happened to keepin it simple LOL i thought from what i was reading they were sayin it was going to be about 2 weeks or so before they developed and placed a cap on it. regardless they do need to man up and face the damage and do what is in the best intrest of the communities it effects and the ecosystem it effects as well.
They are designing a cover for it now. That should have been done BEFORE they start drilling. Freaking rediculous.
From the news story I saw they are going to drill at an angle to meet up with the pipe and then pump it up to a ship. I don't understand the physics of it but it looks like it has potential for creating another mess if they make a mistake. I really don't understand why it took so long to even attempt to contain the oil. It's going to come back to bite a bunch of people in the butt. Actions speak so much louder than words..."planning and preparing for the worst and hoping for the best"just doesn't cut it when so many lives are at stake,both human and animal.
Their "planning for the worst" went so far as to say "thats impossible, won't happen". Oil companies care about $$$$, not the planet. You could not convince me otherwise.
All I know is now this just gives the GOV a BIG reason to raise gas prices and stop more of our drilling. Here comes $5 a Gal!
Thoughts? Yeah....get ready for higher gas prices:mad:
exactly higher prices,,,,i might as well move to the deschutes and live in my tent:D:D

if its not us drilling it would be china or russia or some other country.we dont own the ocean floor,,,BP blew it big time by not equipping the platform with proper valves.if its not an oil platform exploding it would be a tanker full of it gushing into the ocean,,,,as long as we use oil and continue to not drill onshore and rely on the importing of it from across seas we will see this happen again.
It is a terrible disaster and something should have been done sooner.

Could the manufacturer or distributer have some liability in the end? I use to work for a company where part of their time was spent filling and inspecting some of the BP fitting orders. I am curious to find out if this is the same BP and if the leak was caused by a faulty part.
I work for the CG in oil spill / HAZMAT response, spent 21 days down there from day 10 - day 31.

It's pretty wild. Probably one of the biggest mobilizations I will ever see within my job field!
Why isn't there huge media coverage saying how much this disaster cost to clean up where are the celeberties trying to help people fund this (excluding kevin costner) if this was to happen say in Saudi Arabia the government would be dropping every asset they could get their greedy hands on to help clean it up.
Did anyone see the guy from BP say how much he cares for the "small people"? I couldn't believe I heard what I heard.
fishnquest said:
Did anyone see the guy from BP say how much he cares for the "small people"? I couldn't believe I heard what I heard.

Yea, i heard it and it didn't sound like a British accent either! Maybe in Germany ( I think that's where he's from ) people that don't count for much are called little people. Someone probably told him not to say that because he would offend people who are short in stature (height).

I WAS WRONG..... He is from Sweden.

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