April 7th Report

I hit the Columbia out of Stevenson on Sunday. Water temp was 49-50F and the clarity was pretty good, a couple of feet.

The day started off pretty great. The wind was calm and the birds were chirping. My first two bass came off the second spot that I fished and weighed 3lbs 2oz (18.5") and 3lbs even (18.25"). I thought I was going to be landing nice ones all day but that was not the case. I did hook one big one on a squarebill later that broke me off on a stump (I think there must be a nail pounded in it or something because the line just cut) but otherwise the rest of the day produced 8 more bass in the 1.25 to 2lb range and a big pikieminnow that weight 3lbs 2oz.

All the bass I caught were in 6-10' of water and all the bass came on either a Jack Hammer stealthblade or a KVD 1.5 squarebill. I did not catch a fish on soft plastics, but I did not spend much time throwing them. I did try fishing in 12-15' where I had success a few weeks back but I did not have any luck in that spot nor mark anything that looked like a fish.

Overall it was a typical Oregon spring day of calm, then wind, sun and then rain. It was fun watching the storms come up the gorge, then get rained on, then watch them continue East up the gorge. Those isolated showers are kind of fun. Can't complain about a day on the water like that. I caught enough fish to not get bored and the weather was fun and interesting. A couple of pigs would have really rounded out the day but maybe I am just getting greedy :)

Anyway, here are pics of the two decent ones and some video from the day.

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Those two count as "pigs" in my book.
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