Tanner is the man!


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not the 'Tucca', but you got the number of letters in the name correct. :unsure:

Tanner is indeed the man, I love launching in total darkness and drifting down into position with just the calming sound of the river.

I hooked and fought 5 chinook, lost 2 chromers near the boat, landed 3, took home 35" and 32" hens. Notice the head and tail sizes, I believe these are a 4yo and a 5yo fish, if so, it indicates better ocean conditions. If that 4yo fish had stayed out another year, it would be much larger than 35"!

and although I wouldn't necessarily describe it as a 'smoker fish', I'm about to put the entire 35" fish (plus the bellies from the other...) into my smoker!



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If you are fishing the Tillamook area hit him up. Forgot his forum name or I’d post it, the guides bay is no longer on OFF. He’s not just a great guide but a lot of fun! Good times!


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NICE DAY! Tanner @OnTheDrop has a solid reputation. I've never fished that river but the upcoming rain cancelled a trip this week to one of its neighbors.
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