Sutton and Munsel lakes


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I have that one plus Reedsport Area Fishing Maps. I just met Pete Heley once at the Stockade but he was certainly a fount of information, a real talker.


The Stockade Market & Tackle Shop
350 Beach Blvd, Winchester Bay, OR 97467
Phone: (541) 271-3800

They have a Facebook page and used to carry his books. Maybe they have some left?


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Also try Fire Tiger Rooster Tails. As well as Little Cleo spoons. But remove the hook from the Cleo's. Then use as a flasher/dodger w/ about 10" of leader to a worm. Or use Berkley Mice Tails with that Cleo set up.
That’s cool, I’ve never seen the Cleo used in that way. Thanks for the tip, I’ll have to try that this year.