Going to Sunriver on Memorial Weekend. Planning on targeting the Deschutes and hoping it is during the legendary Salmonfly Hatch. Any suggestions for flies? Any stretches of water? Any help is welcome. Using a 5 wt rod also have spinning setup.



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The salmon fly hatch is pretty much the lower Deschutes game, I've fished the upper during the holiday and don't recall seeing any salmon flies.


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Anywhere from Sunriver up to Wickiup should give you plenty of access and options for both some nice rainbows and browns. Hopefully the flows and weather cooperate that weekend. It will be busy I'm sure, but there's lots of room to target. There's some big browns lurking around that time usually. Good luck (think streamers early and late in the day) It's more about reading water than any specific stretch
elliot1245;n611769 said:
Southpaw Hopefully they decide to show up a little towards the middle! You know of any stretch near Sunriver worth targeting?
Short answer, no.

Southpaw is spot on, there can be some decent fishing, but the locals will not be fishing the Deschutes around Sunriver, they'll be at Crane Prairie, East Lake, the Upper Deschutes, the Fall River or any of the better pieces of water. That part of the Deschutes suffers from being managed as an irrigation ditch.