Summer Lake Fishing

Anyone ever fished Summer Lake? It is a little bit away from murrayhill pond. What kind of fish are there? Any better producing areas?
Summer Lake fishing

I have. There is only one small area open for fishing, located in the NE corner.

I've taken my kids and have fished solo. All told, the fish caught:

Redear Sunfish
Carp (biggest @ 30")
LM Bass (many small ones 6-10", a handful just a bit bigger at 15-16")

That place is loaded with the above and that's why I take my will hook a fish every few minutes during seasons when those fish are active.
Thanks i was gonna go tommarow but i guess since its all warm water fish i will just hit up bethany pond. Thanks for the info i will definitely fish it in the spring.
We used to fish this lake when I was a kid (translation--back in the 80's) and I remember catching a bunch of panfish under a bobber and nightcrawler. All of them were under 6 inches. Sometimes we used to catch them, take them home with us in a 5 gallon bucket, and release them into the Fanno Creek Pond at Greenway Park. (don't jump all over me folks, I was a 10 year old kid, and certainly wouldn't do it now)

Man, I forgot about that lake. Brings back memories. I feel old now!
The things kids get into, brings back memories of my young years! Good times that summer fishing.
Is this lake any good during the winter or is it just dead.
Moe said:
Is this lake any good during the winter or is it just dead.

I actually don't know as I haven't been there since early Fall this year.
I have fished for carp here. They are very weary and would swim up to my bait and mess with it and move on. Thats why they are so big. You can see them swimming around from up on the hill. Alternatively, I was talking with a guy who lands the huge ones with his fly rod. I didn't ask what he was using.
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