Steelhead technique questions.

So I have recently begun targeting the occasional steelhead with a fly rod, and I wanted to pick the collective OFF brain.

What techniques do ya'll employ when you're trying to hook up with steel? I'm not asking for any secrets here; answers can be as vague as you want them to be.

So far, I have been looking for them on the McKenzie, fishing out of a driftboat, and drifting/swinging leaches down into the current.

I also have drifted big leggy nymphs under an indicator, but for some reason have very little faith in that technique.

Like I said, any advice would be great, give as much or as little advice as you are comfortable with.

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I have been tightline 45 degree swing with sink tip.. couple hookups but nothing landed
eggs said:
I have been tightline 45 degree swing with sink tip.. couple hookups but nothing landed

What do you have on the end of the tippet?

Thanks for the bump, GDBrown. I was a little surprised at the somewhat shy response (AKA: zilch) to my question, from what is normally a pretty verbal crowd.

Eggs, I'm curious about your fly too, no problem if you are keeping it close to the chest. Do you think I could sub in split shot for the sinking tip?

In related news, did anyone see Jay's Summer Steelhead Chenille series on ? I wonder hw a few of those would perform down underneath that 45° swing?
I have been rocking freight train, golden demon, green butt skunk, limit lander flash, black/purple egg sucking leach, street walker, skyhomish sunrise, sugeon general and the irish carbomb! All depending on light and water color and water temp.
I prefer to swing when wade fishing, but will fish egg patterns, beads, and nymphs under an indicator or pull a streamer when fishing from a boat.

I recommend going to the library and checking out "Steelhead Flyfishing" by Trey Combs and "The Complete Steelheader: successful fly-fishing tactics" by John Larison. Both are great, well written books that focus on fishing for steelhead here in the northwest.
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