Steel-head questions??

the salmon kid
i will be going to tueville this weekend to fish for summer steel head,:think:.,rite now it is restricted to fly fishing or fly and bobber only,., a buddy of mine told me to use a egg-sucker ugly bug with a copper john dropper i was wondering if any one els knows of and good flys or any good fly combos to use under a float because it is no attached weight either for summer steel-head in the upper rogue so any ideas:think: i don't know what kind of flys the steel head like cause i never really fished for them so if you have any :think:suggestions please tell or put up a pic that would be great thanks
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p.s i am sorry about how i handled the salmon in my last post i will be more care full next time
I didn't tlook in the book but if its fly only then you have to actually use a fly rod can't use the sping rod with a fly. kinda dumb rule since i know flys are great lures but can't/haven't used a fly rod and should be able to use a fly as a lure on my spin rod for fly only. so with that if the regs are fly only hopefully you have a fly rod. not exactly sure what to use but if you are trying to use a float i think a strike indicator whould be your best bet. hopefully some tohers have better info.
Throbbit _Shane
you can use a spinning rod. todays mailtribune had a article about using nymphs for the summer steelhead.
the salmon kid
yes you can use a spinning rod but you have to use a artificial fly and to have to use a float with no attached weight
Find some egg patterns with lil beads right on `em.
Someone told me in a lake were its fly only you can't use a spinning rod. must have been missimformed.
Throbbit _Shane
The regulations for the Rogue River state that u can use spinning gear.
Thuggin4Life said:
Someone told me in a lake were its fly only you can't use a spinning rod. must have been missimformed.

you werent missiformed regulations change from one body of water to the next.
yeah thanks i know just never heard of fly only with the exception that you can still use spinning gear. i was very confused. maybe its more common than i thought.
I know a guide who has been working the upper Rougue and doing very well on yarn balls, both with and without UV yarn.
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Here's the article from the paper Nymphing. Use a heavy fly to get your stuff down and then a yarn ball. Try different shades of orange and pink. Egg sucking leaches can also be good.
try using different leech and egg patterns along with nymphs. and the best thing i find to work under a float fly wise is a glo bug

the salmon kid
the verdict is in guys.., i went down to tueville Saturday and Sunday and ended up catching 6 nice steel head and all were nates and all where released but 1 that one was hatchery and dinner.,, i was using 2 combinations of flys one was a egg sucking ugly bug with rubber legs with a copper john dropper and the other was a black stone fly with a steel head killer dropper and i had a great time
thank for all the advice and i will be posting the video today
i also hooked a few salmon on the flys and they had to be released and i will be posting those videos on YouTube
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