Southern trip

Might be taking a trip down south maybe in early March...

Any steel still around or something to fish for? What are so good rivers to cover a fair amount of water?

I know nothing about southern oregon coast rivers but based on some suggestions I will further investigate!

i hit the rogue for the first time last year,,,,,,it was a great place.......i am definitely goin back:)
will there still be a Steel run on in early March?
Throbbit _Shane
I think there is steel in the rogue at all times.
any suggestions on upper or lower rogue? how big is it compared to say the Clack or Sandy?

How is the public access? Parks only or are there roads that follow it with turn offs?

Are there hotel/motel near good water, or do you have to stay in GP?

sorry for all the questions just looking to get the best idea of what to expect.. might drive down on a friday night, fish all day saturday then come home(portland area) on sunday after a early morning fish..
Throbbit _Shane
The town of Shady Cove is right on the rogue and has a few motels. There is parks also plenty of spots to pull off. If you stay in GP you can fish the rogue and applegate in the same day.
we stayed at alameda campground,,, we were there in the summer and if your looking for quiet thats not the place karaoke machines goin at midnight......theres some motels in town and as far as i saw theres plenty of access....but i dont know much about down there....
I am thinking about staying at Galice and fishing in the co. parks/pull offs around that area and maybe up the applegate. How is the pressure in this area?
Cool thread as I'm thinking of doing the same thing: early march, 1 week trip somewhere in OR with my little travel trailer to fish, I've always heard so much about the Rogue so I was thinking of heading there or somewhere in Southern Oregon.
Cut and Paste form ODFW page but electrons are cheap so:

ROGUE RIVER, LOWER: winter steelhead

Steelhead fishing was good over the weekend as numerous steelhead were caught by bank anglers. Public bank access is really good on the Lower Rogue from Quosatana Creek campground to the old Mill Site just above tidewater. Boat anglers can launch their boats at the Port of Gold Beach, Lobster or Quosatana Creek campgrounds. Some of the best methods are plunking a spin and glow from the bank or running plugs from a boat on the inside corners of the river.

Rogue River flows


Some winter steelhead have been caught in the Grants Pass area on yarn balls. Side drifted roe and back-trolled plugs are also catching fish. The river below Hog Creek is open for non-adipose fin-clipped (wild) steelhead but upstream of Hog Creek wild fish must be released. Beginning February 1, the river above Hog Creek will also be open for wild steelhead at least 24 inches in length. The flow at Grants Pass on Jan. 25 was 3128 cfs.


Steelhead are biting on nightcrawlers. Roe, puffballs, and plugs are also producing fish. As of Jan. 24, a total of 2472 winter steelhead and 2958 coho have been counted at Gold Ray Dam.
On Jan 25, the flow out of Lost Creek Reservoir was 1190 cfs and the flows at Gold Ray were 2489 cfs.

Anglers are reminded that even during high water and turbid conditions along most of the Rogue, conditions are usually good between Big Butte Creek and Cole Rivers Hatchery where reservoir outflows predominate.


The Rogue River above Lost Creek Reservoir is closed to fishing. It will open again on April 24.
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During a normal winter I would suggest the south Umpqua at Canyonville, but with no hatchery fish, I would try the Rouge.

The Rogue has good access around Galice.
Cool thanks for the info.. if anyone want to fish I think we are going the 1 or 2 weekend of march

We are going to make resevations this weekend!

I will be down in Galice the 5th-7th on March!
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Fish above the 101 bridge about 5 mi panda tad polly ,both hatchery bucks.Wind to maybe 30 mph
Well, this weekend is the trip.. if anyone is around GP/Galice and wants to fish shoot me a PM..
Lots of locations on the Rogue while in Gold Beach check Hunter Creek,small nice SH and little pressure.If the flow's are up Elk 1st then the Sixes two days latter.
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