Silverton Reservoir Stocking

I have been told that the City of Silverton will stock the Silverton Reservoir as well as ODFW. Is this true?
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Have you called the Silverton Parks and Rec people? They should know the answer.
I believe that the City pays for ADDITIONAL stocking on top of the stuff that the ODFW does.
I was wondering why the lake is getting 2000 + stockers every other week when some much larger lakes are getting less. The answer was that the City is paying for more fish on top of the 1K that the OFDW would usually put in.

Seems that the City of Silverton was the entity that paid for the repairs to the boat launch and piers, the repairs to the Disabled fishing platform, and they are responsible for the 3-4 Police cars that turn up there daily to do spot checks.

Source - Guy in blue uniform who was there a little while ago. I got out of my car with the 3 year old, walked down to the ramp. Cop asked me if I was thinking of fishing, I replied "Might do" and he asked for license.

So... major points and Kudo to City of Silverton for taking good care of the facility!
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Thanks guys!
Growbug... When were you last out at the lake? I was there last week and it was dead fishing. Week before was great! Can't really afford the fuel to get skunked again :)
I know it's supposed to be stocked this coming week but IKD when. I still can't get over how many fish are planted and how quickly its depleated. As for the police, I'm so glad there is more visits. Last couple years the place was loaded with riff-raff and poachers. Though I've been there twice for 2010 the place is a lot more welcoming.
Was up there Monday and this morning.
On Monday there were three of us at the ramp, although i didn't end up putting the toon in. There were at least a dozen other people within 200 yards walk of the ramp.
Saw a few fish around 10" that people had caught.
Today, was only there for 10 mins, just to check out conditions. Again, 2 boats in the water and at least a dozen people bank fishing. didn't see if any of the bankers had caught, but the guy who had just pulled his boat out had his limit. He mentioned going around the corner to the south of the lake.

The city seems to have really been pushing this lake and trying to get away from some of the negatives from previous years.
anyone doing any good here?
fishy4 said:
anyone doing any good here?

I drove out there yesterday (Thursday) and the place was packed! I looked for a parking spot and just left. I knew all the good bank spots would be filled. Drove out to Trillium and caught three trophy trout and a few 12 inchers. Well worth the drive.
Back on point, I'm pretty sure if you elbow you way through the truck chaser's you will limit out today! The lake was stocked yesterday.
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