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Shimano Stradic:

Anyone own of these? Any feedback?

Besides just being super smooth, do you notice any fundamental difference in your fishing ability when using this reel that would justify the price point of it?


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Someone gave me one once and then I ended up buying three more ( I was outfitting myself and family for steelhead). Before that I had other less expensive Shimano reels which worked fine, Sedonas. No problems with the Stradics yet but then, I never had problems with the others. I have a lot of cheap gear for other fishing but wanted to upgrade the steelhead gear at the time. They are nice but probably not necessary to spend so much.
I now own 6. They are super nice reels. If you can find the older models somewhere for cheap you should snatch them up. Aside from being smooth: 6.2-1 reel ratio with 40 inches of line being picked per rotation of the handle, this is super nice for any bobber fishing. The faster you can get tight to the fish the better your chances are for a hook up. Oh and a silky smooth drag for the fish that just won't cooperate.


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I grew up in a family sponsored by Penn....and all I use now is Shimano.

Penn had their place, they build a Dynamite proof reel that will last a lifetime, but I needed something with a little more finesse. The 706z and 704z is a powerhouse in Florida, as well as the Spinfisher series.

With that being said I've had the same Ci4+ 4000 for at least 6 or so years now? Caught everything from 40" redfish to 6" bass, king mackerel and flounder, steelhead and carp. My father has Penn's that have caught just as many fish but they certainly don't take feel the same a few years in.

My 4000 is just now due for a line roller bearing, I did replace the drag 2 years in to carbontex washers. Same with Penn as the factory drag can lock up on you over time.

I own 4 Ci4s and sold all my FKs, they just don't feel as "loose", i also prefer the older style round foam knob instead of the newer "T" shaped rubber version

Absolutely worth the price, I take care and at least hit it with freshwater after saltwater trips, and clean/grease it once a year. I polish it with a bit of NuFinish and a Dremel polish wheel while it's disassembled
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