Shad fishing

dcarbonari;n612029 said:
It would probably be really slow if you get any at all. You can check the numbers of the fish that are passing through here:

The numbers for shad are almost nonexistent when the shad fishing is good and the run is at its height well over 100,000 will come through Bonneville in a day and only 20-30 are coming through a day right now so I would wait.
I was wondering where I could catch some smallmouth at robins island?
I've caught largemouth down there but I've never gone specifically for bass other than getting bored and tossing a senko while going for pikeminnow, catfish or whatever will eat a worm. There are smallies in that area of the river so I would assume so but I've never caught any or really gone for them. If you're looking for good smallies in that area try around the Cascade Locks boat ramp and around that little island, I've gotten some 3-4 pounders from there.