Seaside area bottom fishing??

I'm headed out next week to Seaside for a family vacation. Spent hours online researching the bottom fishing charters....they all seem to be about $150 a person. I assumed it would be cheaper. I've done my share of guided fishing and I understand paying to be a part of a smaller boat/crew. Are there any charter boats I am missing? I was hoping to get some fish for the family to bring back to the beach house. At $150, add tip and fish processing, I think I'd rather go to a local market. Any ideas or thoughts? Maybe I should just fish the surf...


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I dont think one engages a guide or charter to save money on fish. You do it for the experience and the learning, plus the access you would otherwise not have. $150 is. Lot cheaper than buying a boat.
I don't think there are any charters at Seaside. There isn't a harbor or any sort of boat launch area. You can fish for perch from the beach if that's your sort of thing, or head to nearby Astoria or Garibaldi for charter services.
$150!? Whoa! I used to deck-hand out of Brookings back in the late 90's and it was $55 a person. The limits and the fishing in general was much better back then... $150 seems like a lot of skrils for the possibility of a small limit of rock fish :/ I bet if you went down to the docks/harbor and offered some dude $20 bucks, he would take you out on his boat. Just saying..
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Thanks all.
I don't need to be educated on "what the value of going with a guide is". I know that the techniques and info are what you should be paying attention to. My assumption was that there must be a bigger "party" boat that takes more people out, and is cheaper. That's usually the deal along any coast, nationwide. Not an intimate guide situation, but I'll make sure I "engage" with the guy chumming next to me, and take in the scenery....and smell?
I appreciate the replies.
yea garibaldi would be your best bet, about this time of year you can pick up cut throats in the necanicum river i believe.
So after realizing I won't have much fishing time, and that we'll be close to the beach, I'm going to try for some perch! Thanks for all the replies.
A couple more questions; what do you consider an eating size perch? What other fish will I hook into? I've seen some reports of flounder? Pretty cool....


Its usually 80-90 bucks. We go out of garibaldi every so often when friends come to town. Im thinking you are seeing 150 because this time of year the charters do combo trips for salmon. Its also more expensive for bottom fish if you go out of the cr because they burn more fuel.

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Also, do your family a favor and make it up warrenton and buy a tuna off the dock for some sashimi and bbq.

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