Sandy tomorrow afternoon

Plan on hitting dodge park around 1-2pm till dark..
if amyone wants to tag along.. river shoulde at 10 feet(perfect) un less rain a bunch overnight and raises it to around 11feet or so shoudln't blow it out until wednesday through frieday.. either way last day of good fishing for anywhare for like 3 or 4 days..

Then this weekend shoud be nice..
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hook Em


Im planning on going to dodge park tomarrow and should be there in the morning until it gets dark!!! If you want to meet up that would be good!
You should roll down and scoop me up. lol good luck out there man.
Back to working..... back to weekend fishing.. should be down there Saturday afternoon(after going to clackcraft and maybe buying a boat) and down around dodge Sunday too
I think I am going to hit the hatchery in the morning
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