Sandy River @ Oxbow Launch.

Troutier Bassier
The water is still light Blue. And the water is low.:rolleyes: I saw One Summer jump and thats About it.
Also found a Hook with a Corkie on it! :shock::shock: Snaggers?:mad:
Im gonna go there sometime. And Im gonna talk to Osmosis to make my Skunk Leave.

Finding a corkie doesn't mean that it was from a snagger. Many many fish are legitamtely hooked with corkies. The length of leader can be an indicator though. If it was like an 8ft leader then it's possibly from a flosser.
Troutier Bassier
The corkie was on the hook. like ON the Hook.
Troutier Bassier said:
The corkie was on the hook. like ON the Hook.

Thats still don't mean it was a snagger. The most of the people that use corks (including myself) use a egg loop to hold the cork to the hook. Where would you like to see the cork above the weight.

When using a cork you are trying to do two things 1 you are keeping the hook up off the bottom while drifting so you don't get snagged on the floor all the time and 2 you are imitating a egg or with yarn a bug.

The person that put it on the hook might have just wanted to make sure the fish hit the hook.
Troutier Bassier
Oh, I see. I thought It was some Snagging Rig. Thanks for Clearing it up.
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