Salmon In the North Santaim?

How long till the Salmon will be in the North Santaim?
There isn't much of a fall run to speak of on the Santiam system. There are some coho that spread through the system via an unauthorized spawning program, and they should be hitting the system within the next few weeks if at all. I would check out some other options than the Santiam for some fall fish
There's quite a few coho already in the North Santiam. Not sure about the South. I caught about a 15 pound coho a few days back right below the Stayton Bridge but it was a sorehead so I threw it back. Fought good though! I'm not sure how bright any coho might be that are caught in the Santiams. Most all I've seen are very dark with a few less dark. No bright chromers like in the Clackamas or Sandy.
The ODFW finally updated the Willamette Falls Counts up to five days ago, the 23rd. Around 500 to almost 900 a day for coho. A total of 7921 so far as of the 23rd. I am also wondering where the Fall chinook are headed that have also been counted, a total of 548 as of the 23rd also. Maybe Autofisher knows the answer to my chinook question. I think I'll email Steve Mamoyac and ask him that question.


PS: Here's a link to the latest W. Falls counts:
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santiam is closed for coho til november
I may be wrong but I think I read this right.......

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- Anglers will have additional coho salmon fishing opportunity in the Santiam basin under new rules adopted by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Effective Sept. 1, coho fishing will be allowed in the mainstem Santiam River, the North Fork up to the Stayton-Scio bridge in Stayton, and the South Fork up to the Grant Street bridge in Lebanon. The rivers above these points will remain closed to salmon fishing through Oct. 31 to protect spawning spring chinook.

This rule change was first implemented in the fall of 2009 to maximize angler access to an anticipated record return of coho to the upper Willamette basin. Though this year’s run is expected to be smaller, there should still be plenty of opportunity for anglers to harvest coho. The rule change will become permanent in 2011.

“We are pleased to be able to offer these additional opportunities to anglers.” said Steve Mamoyac, ODFW fish biologist for the South Willamette Watershed District

just sayin..hehe
Thanks, lilsalmon. Saved me time answering bigsteel. I heard the ODFW increased the coho limit up this way to three coho per day, fin-clipped or not. You know how to read the regs. Awesome!

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