Rivers rising fast


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looks like the Siuslaw will crest about 15' today and might get down below 10' by the weekend...


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Wilson ended up hitting 20.5 feet. Massive flooding in Tillimook, Hwy6 shut down, Hwy 101 Shut down N. or town and a sink hole on Hwy 22. Which is a bummer cause thats how I get there now.


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Hope this does not come as insensitive to the folks hit by the flood, I grew up a few miles from the river Brahmaputra in India and have experienced annual floods first hand, know the horrors. Brahmaputra is about 3 times as big as the Columbia if you trust the discharge comparison in Wikipedia, and floods huge swaths of land every monsoon season, in China, Indian and Bangladesh.

I was showing these pics to my 5 year old, she asked me if there are fish in the houses now. Now, back home when the flood waters recede; our deep ponds usually end up with a few nice river fish. At least it used to be the case when I was living there, 20+ years ago. Just don't have as many fish around as we used to do.

I wonder if salmon and steelheads get stranded too. Any stories anyone?