Recommendations on lures for Willamette river bass?


I fished a pond off the Willamette just outside of Corvallis today and landed one and lost one at the boat on what's becoming my favorite chatterbait this spring. 1/2 oz black/blue skirt with a twin tail white trailer. Neither of the fish hit hard and both times I thought I was popping the bait out of weeds when I set the hook. The second time I got a better hook set. The fish was COLD and looked like it was wearing lipstick. 2.24 lbs.



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You could always try some glow in the dark fishing lures, for night time. I've tried them, helpful as heck. With experience did end up learning a few things... Stepping into even a few inches of water can be dangerous in the dark, even for the most-practised fisherman. No need to actually get into the water to learn more about fish! You should also take a few extra seconds to check out your surroundings, because of the limited visibility. I was suggested to read some reviews on what are the best night fishing lures as an example Best Glow in the Dark Fishing Lures of 2019 - Hunting Fishing Plus was a helpful place where I got my information. When you do cast at night, you may be depending on feeling more than you do during daytime fishing, unless you’re lucky enough to have a bright, full moon. Keep in mind that the lack of light will also make your other senses seem like they’ve kicked up a level or two. Make sure to not use any lamps or any kind of lights. Actually, I meant to say nothing big. You can gain a slight advantage in efficiency by using a small headlamp. If possible, you should visit the site during the day to become more familiar with the layout and surrounding vegetation. It's what I do before any night time fishing session works out pretty good.
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If it's the pond just east of the bridges, and on the south side of Hwy. 34, do NOT (repeat NOT) eat any of the fish! There is a decades old LANDFILL which butts right up to that pond, on its SW shore.
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