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Well I just got off the phone with the biologist from the corvallis office. I had called inquiring about the brook trout in JCP. I had known they had previously stocked it with brook trout and was tryin to find out the last time they had stocked it with them. This is the information that was told to me.

Over the past few weeks they have been collecting brook trout out of the high mountain lakes in an effort to reduce the strain on native rainbow trout populations in those lakes. They have stocked JCP with those fish removed and planted approximately 3000 brook trout over the last few weeks. These fish range from 4-15 inches.

Looks like its time for brook trout fishing :-D
rippin fish lips
Never caught a brook trout, but ill make my first at jcp this winter then!
well i plan on going there tomorrow to get a few. very beautiful fish. If you ever want to hit it up just PM me
Seems like a waste of money to me but on a good note the fish you catch tomorrow will have nice pink and tasty meat instead of crappy hatchery meat. lol
I think its a good idea that instead of wasting the fish persay.... they are giving an opportunity for folks to catch them. This hasnt been put in the weekly recreation report but it is coming soon. I figured give the folks here an inside scoop before it pops out for everyone else
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