Portland area toxic algae in the Willy


From KMTR TV: PORTLAND, Ore. — Oregon Health Authority officials are asking people to stay out of the water because of a blue-green algae bloom in the Ross Island Lagoon.

Experts say testing is still needed to confirm whether the algae bloom is toxic, but because of what they are seeing already on the surface, they say the all-out health advisory was necessary.

Right now, the advisory is isolated to the Ross Island Lagoon and its mouth, but there is concern of it spreading. Officials say the bloom can move to other spots along the Willamette River as the lagoon rises and recedes, meaning nearby spots like Poet's Beach along Portland's Southwest Waterfront could, potentially, be cause for concern.

Experts suggest avoiding water that is foamy, scummy, thick like paint, pea-green, blue-green or brownish-red.

According to OHA and Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital, pets are at more of a risk to exposure because of their size.

"They both drink them. He drinks the water. She drinks the water. If they're in there, it's just going to happen," said Meagen Kincaid, referring to her two small dogs while enjoying the sounds of the river at Poet Beach.

"I mean, we hadn't even had thought about it, but it's kind of scary to not have even had any clue -- especially coming from out of town," Coreen Kiefer, visiting from Seattle with her children and 9-week-old dog, Alice, told KATU News.

Veterinarians say symptoms of toxic algae exposure include vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, weakness, staggering, convulsions and pale gums. If pets show any of these symptoms, owners should seek veterinary care. Human symptoms are similar.

Health officials say they should have the results of the toxicity test by the middle of next week. Then they will be able to determine whether the health advisory can be lifted.


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Looks like global warming again, low flows, warm water, toxic algae blooms, right DR T?...................THAT was in jest :bleh:............kinda


Not a thing wrong with the discharge of sewage treatment plant effluent into a river... Nothing at all. :sad:


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~JM~;n598097 said:
Not a thing wrong with the discharge of sewage treatment plant effluent into a river... Nothing at all.

There's no effluent anywhere near Ross Island. And the effluent from a modern wastewater plant is typically cleaner than the river water, although sometimes slightly higher in dissolved nitrogen.

But again, basic common sense dictates that this has nothing to do with any wastewater plant.

And I'm not getting trolled by Hobster again.


Not true.

Aside from human error & equipment failure, wastewater effluent often has drugs/medications present.


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Memory sometimes gets in the way of reason; but... wasn't it the blue green algae someone decided to market as a cure-all a few (20-30) years ago? I believe they "harvested" it from Klamath Lake? If so; does this mean the Columbia strain is inferior? Maybe darker or lighter blue or a problem with the green part. No worries; in a few years the scientific community will sign off and say it was okay after all; plus, it is good for you.
As William S. might say... "Much ado about nothing"

P.s Like the Shakespearean play, this post is in jest... no offense to the scientific or any other community. I just felt like writing something - the boat is broke and we're awaiting a new Honda outboard to replace the #$#%. Should be back in the water in a week and maybe the seas will have calmed a bit by then so we can test the new motor.

If you aren't aware, the Pacific has and is under watch because of gale force winds; hard to imagine if you're in the valley, but easy to see if you've visited the coast recently. That said the beaches have been unbelievably beautiful for the past couple of days. If you are stuck in 90 plus temps, come visit the coast while we enjoy 70 to 75 degree weather (check the weather reports before venturing forth).
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